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  1. The images are mostly identical (with a few exceptions). If you choose an image from the same series, you should be fine.
  2. First come first served. Links for languages with many users are more likely to be generated: English, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, German, Spanish, Chinese.
  3. The least requests this months were between 22:00 and 6:00 UTC (about 40% less compared to peak time). Now having revealed this information pubicly, it might no longer be the case next month.... And peak time was between 13:00 and 16:00.
  4. October 6 was yesterday. Next chance will be 1 to 6 November. Cached download links have a green font. Apart from those, one link can be generated per hour (across all ~20,000 users who want to generate downloads).
  5. I can, but this is not good news. Only one Visio link can be generated each month, and you managed to grab that spot a few hours ago. However, some error occurred on Microsoft's side during link generation, and you got that first error message directly from MS. Now the next opportunity to get a Visio link will be in November. D'oh....
  6. Correct. However, if you're lucky, someone has generated the Office 2010 link that you require in the past 24 hours, so that it can be served from cache.
  7. Microsoft will probably make the 1903 v2 downloads available in the next few days. For now, you can download the original 1903 builds from the top of the dropdown list.
  8. Only one link can be generated per hour. According to the logs, about 800 users compete for each download slot. It's not possible to honour each request. There are enough licenses on the database to keep generating downloads for about 6 days. If the download you need is not yet available, keep trying.
  9. 30 minutes from now, and then one link per hour. I'll be monitoring the first link generation at 2 a.m. my time, to see whether any immediate actions are necessary., and will have a closer look at the logs tomorrow morning to see whether this experiment is going to be successful or not. Edit: I miscalculated by one hour... The first link generation will happen in one hour from now... I'll check the logs in the morning...
  10. In case MS requests a DMCA takedown, the SQL dump will surely somehow mysteriously make its way to a code sharing platform... In the unlikely case of a lack of resources, I'm sure I'll find a way to either copy the project onto some free webspace, or make the database available for download. But as I said, I'll integrate an offline version into the ISO downloader, so the database will never be lost for good.
  11. I've already started researching database handling in Visual Studio some time ago to be able to provide offline access through the ISO downloader. It's not as straightforward as it sounds... Version 9.0 will feature a complete re-design of the application. Maybe I'll include the database with a very basic search interface, similar to the new downloads database. A downloadable SQL dump is not an option. I do see the benefit of having mirrors and clones of important data, however, I had several weeks effort of reverse engineering and collecting the data. Fact is, my livelihood relies 90 to 95% on advertising revenue, and providing the tools to clone a web interface to the data would be counterproductive. Instead, I will create a secondary backup of the data in the cloud, to make sure that in a worst case scenario it will not be lost.
  12. It contains all updates up until August 2018 including new versions of MSIE and .NET, and it is legal. Comes straight from MS server.
  13. It's an experimental feature. Downloads will be generated at an extremely slow rate to avoid being blocked by Microsoft. From the tests I've made, I'm confident that it's going to work, but only at a rate of one download per hour, for about 20,000 daily users... Therefore, chances for people to get the exact download they need might be a bit low. But if you need an Ultimate download, you can still go for a different edition (Home, Pro), and convert the iso file to an all-in-one file.
  14. It's not impossible. There are helpful forum users here who can help with a request. There are also illegal download sites, however, they may not be shared here. You'll find them easily by googleing the file name or the hash of the file you need. If you share your service tag, I can have a look, but I don't have much hope. Dell seems to provide only Win 7 Pro and Home Basic for public download. Cases are updated with more details.
  15. Unfortunately no. Acer doesn't provide a public API for generating downloads.
  16. If you post a service tag, I can try to add XPS 9100. But I don't think it's really necessary. I all likelihood, the download is identical to XPS 8900.
  17. The licenses used to generate the downloads have been blocked by MS.
  18. Version 8.21 (23 August 2019): Compressed downloads database; error handling for monthly download days; tool tips for texts that don't fit into the available space.
  19. So the coding for the October 1 download day is in place and confirmed working. Let's hope it will continue working in productive conditions too. Case 3 message: "This file is currently unavailable, and can be provided again in a small capacity NEXT MONTH. For now, please select one of the downloads highlighted in green instead." Case 4 message: "New downloads can be generated SHORTLY. In the mean time, you can select one of the downloads highlighted in green." Messages will not be translated due to the short life span of a few months only before Win 7 EOL.
  20. That's the plan. It's an experimental feature though.
  21. Thanks for reporting the issue with the chopped texts. Sorry I noticed it too late to include a fix in today's update. In the next version, I'll use tooltips whenever the text is too big for the available space.
  22. Posting search terms would be fine, but please don't link to the software sites directly.
  23. Version 8.20 (22 August 2019): Added Insider and developer versions up to build 18963; added Windows Admin Center previews up to build 1908; added Office 2019 for Mac build 16.28; added database of 85,000 downloads from Microsoft (applications, disc images, slides, white papers, business presentations, podcasts, videos, e-books, product sheets etc. - Happy hunting for hidden treasures!)
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