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  1. You mean the telemetry update. That's the one thing. The other thing is the amateurish packaging, but after installation that doesn't really matter any longer. As for telemetry, you can just uninstall it if it bothers you. Use the batch file from here: https://gist.github.com/xvitaly/eafa75ed2cb79b3bd4e9
  2. I've been using Nero as long as I can remember. Excellent software. Not free though.
  3. Yes, very helpful. I'll add the 3880 in the next version. In the mean time, you can use the latest image for the 3780 (release date 2020-05-07). As I suspected, the images are identical. I've compared all meta data including the hash. It' definitely the same file.
  4. I don't have it. You can go for the August 2018 update, or wait for November 1 for the next round of Win 7 downloads.
  5. The Dell server currently has some problems though. I was not able to download any of the Dell images a few minutes ago. Let's hope they'll fix it soon.
  6. The Inspiron 3880 is a brand new model, so I've not added it yet. In all likelihood, the image for Inspiron 3780 is identical to 3880. You could just use that. If you want me to check whether there's a different image available for 3880, I'd need your service tag. You could send it to me here in the thread or by PM.
  7. Unfortunately Dell doesn't provide Win 7 Home Premium images for download
  8. It's not yet renamed from "Office 365" to "Microsoft 365". MS updates the files every couple of months. Maybe they have already updated the files with M365 versions; maybe they haven't. I'll check before I next update the downloader. If the files are updated to M365, I'll do the renaming in the next version. But it doesn't make a difference for downloading. You'll receive the same file.
  9. Version 8.40 (4 October 2020): Added new Insider and developer versions up to build 20226; added more DELL models and images; added scroll bar to left/main pane when needed; updated CSS stylesheet; added SHA256 for newer images in ISO Tools; moved ad server from wincert.net to heidoc.net (future use).
  10. Update will come later today or tomorrow. Lots of Dell models to be added, including the ones that belong to these service tags.
  11. It's not yet unlocked. However, there are plenty other Spanish Win 7 editions unlocked (Home Basic, Home Premium). Better grab one of those while available.
  12. Yes, you can install both OEM and retail versions with both COEM and retail images. As I said before, I've never researched the exact difference between these files. Maybe someone else knows. I suspect it becomes relevant if you're an OEM reseller., for example that resellers are not allowed to preinstall the retail version on devices that they sell. But that's just a guess and pure speculation. Not through the download tool. It's been removed for several years now. You can use the hashes and file name info from our downlods dump to try and find the file elsewhere. US version: https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_details.php?id=P48F41677Ax86Les Rest-of-world version: https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_details.php?id=P48F10900Ax86Les
  13. These haven't been generated yet. All downloads are active for 24 hours, so you've not missed the download time. To be sure not to miss the download window, it's more than sufficient to check twice per day until the Win 7 downloads have disappeared for this round (probably around 6 or 7 October).
  14. Correct. The file ei.cfg is the only difference between the images. (There might be more diffrences in the OEM images, but I've never investigated that.) The W7HomePremium and W7starter are also identical btw. You can clear the file ei.cfg from within the ISO downloader. Use the orange disc shaped button labeled "ISO Tools". By the way, it's been 10 months now since the Windows 7 end of support. Last time that MS removed unsupported software from the API was after the Office 2007 end of life. Now this month will see the end of Office 2010 end of life. Therefore, extrapolating from the past, there's some real danger now that Windows 7 and Office 2007 will be removed by MS very soon. You should grab all images you might need in the future this month.
  15. 00:00 UTC is the correct start time. The first download is already there: Win 7 Home Premium English. It takes a bit of time for more to appear. Tomorrow morning there will be a bunch of different downloads.
  16. Thanks for pointing this out. It seems to be a new feature that has been added to the downloads API by Microsoft. So now the output from the API no longer fits into the window... I'll add some scroll bars in the next version. However, you can also verify your download using the orange disc shaped button "iso tools" on the right side pane.
  17. There's a chance. MS has been filling some gaps in the available files for old builds recently. I keep adding them once they're available for public download.
  18. Hi, The image is likely identical to the image from other M15 devices, so you can just download the one for M15 R2 for example. If you want me to add M15 R3 anyway, please send me you service tag, either in this thread, or by PM.
  19. That depends on Microsoft. They recently made a bunch of older builds publicly available (which I already added). It's possible that they'll do it again.
  20. Version 8.39 (19 September 2020): Added new Insider and developer versions up to build 20215; added new builds for Office 2016/2019 for Mac; updated Bootstrap to version 4.5.2.
  21. This is nothing I've encountered during testing. The Multi-PDF-Merger uses the same settings as the Excel print function. If the columns in the spreadsheet are printed, then they should show up in the PDF file. (In case they don't, and the content of the spreadsheet isn't private or otherwise sensitive, feel free to share it here in the forum or to send it to me via PM.) If the missing columns in the spreadsheet are not printed, then we need to find out why. My best guess would be that there's a print area defined for the spreadsheet.
  22. Archive.org is exempt from DMCA, therefore this is a legit download. However, always use a virus scanner when downloading any file from archive.org.
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