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  1. For the unknown reason, wincert.net was inaccessible for me for a week. v5-25 and v5-26 work nicely for me. Thanks.
  2. It is the same, lum_sdk.dll has to be DotNET v4-x with "AnyCPU" targetting. Only that will solve it. Or even better you can give me the version without lum_sdk.dll entirely (and no traffic donation window - means Auto-No), could it be done?
  3. DotNET v4-x is completely incompatible with DotNET v3-5. v3-5 is the legacy version, which is now deprecated by MS or very close to it. Maybe lum_sdk.dll has both v3-5 and v4-x support, in that case, please ask for the version in which v3-5 support is deleted and it is only with v4-x support. Also "AnyCPU" targetting is quite important. The ideal version should be: DotNET v4-x, targetting: "AnyCPU".
  4. So is the attached lum_sdk.dll in DotNETv 3-5? In that case, could you embed the following version of lum_sdk.dll: 1. DotNET v4-x. 2. Targetting platform "AnyCPU" ? If you don't have such version, could you please ask developer for it? Thanks.
  5. Can you extract library from EXE and send me it? It is also important, if library is DotNET v4-x or DotNET v3-5...
  6. Yep, v5-24 is much better. When I decline traffic donation window, it works OK as usual. When I accept, I get the error. What is Luminati integration? Is it DotNET too or is it native Win32?
  7. At error on program exit, if I click "Continue", ISO Downloader will not close.
  8. The error displays instead traffic donation window... (it doesn't show)
  9. Hello, I got exact same error with modded version. Could you try to temporarily disable the initial pop-up window with traffic donation? It seems to be connected to that. Is there any remote debugger?
  10. Hello, everytime I start or close ISO Downloader v5-23 on Windows 8-1, I get DotNET v4-7-1 Exception. Also main program window is drawn incompletelly. v5-21 and older work fine. I didn't found v5-22. Images are attached below. Exception: Informace o vyvolání ladění JIT najdete na konci této zprávy, nikoli v tomto dialogovém okně. ************** Text výjimky ************** System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Nelze načíst soubor nebo sestavení PresentationFramework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35 nebo jeden z jejich závislých prvků. S
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