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  1. Either use the vanilla images as mooms suggested, or provide your service tag so that I can add that model in the next version.
  2. Those servers must somehow be blocked by other means... Don't worry about the popup. It will be removed in the next version anyhow.
  3. If you send me the service tag, I can include the downloads in the next major version.
  4. Use Ctrl-+ and Ctrl-- to control the zoom factor. (I do wonder how you ended up with this. It should not have been like that in the first place....)
  5. You could send me the service tag, and I can have a look. But if the OS Recovery Tool doesn't show anything, it's quite unlikely that I can find it either.
  6. Thanks for reporting. Looks like MS has removed the download. If that's permanent, I'll remove this option from the dropdown, maybe in a month or so.
  7. Yes. I was hoping to have the new version ready for the Win 11 release, but it will take some more weeks. What you could try: Clear the MSIE cache. Set the security zones in MSIE back to default settings.
  8. Win 11 RTM files are now available through the downloader. They're on the Win 10 tab for now.
  9. I can't replicate the issue. However, I'm working on a new download tool tha no longer relies on MSIE. That's the priority project now, so unfortunately I'm not going to troubleshoot issues on the old tool, unless they're really serious.
  10. Ah, yes. That's a debug message that I once added to troubleshoot the issue of the app freezing. And actually I'm working on a new tool based on Microsoft Edge, to remove the MSIE dependencies. The freezing issue should be solved by that too. However, that means I'm not going to fix any related issues in the old app.
  11. Hi, If you send me your service tag, I can include the download in the next version (which will still take several more weeks). In the mean time, you can use one of the other Inspiron 55xx downloads. They're most likely identical anyway.
  12. The only S Mode ISO currently available is the Dell branded version...
  13. I reverse engineered their API. You can get the Dell tool from their site, but it's quite cumbersome to work with.
  14. Yes, back then everything was available without having to have a product key. Good old times.
  15. I fear that this will have to wait. There are too many changes that require major work, such as the IE11 end of life, and the removal of the Win 7 downloads. For now, here's the latest Win 10 Home download for your model, which I generated manually with your service tag. https://downloads.dell.com/restricted/FOLDER07502419M/1/RKG4TXA09.5_Win10x64ROW_home.iso?authkey=4GZue+KQ5EDjzO6zfvWG78MfxLJTzI+MCnNHJcBVToKnGN1teHcENx4AHSa1gmjDjLaVn0Y5LhlEsrZb5M+P8A==&__gda__=1628045050_4fec94cbbcf6881cd602dc5b6e92ca715072abe73a018d4c16b632238eec9f95&tkn=7fAEdcTQnVwYRV8GbGX57L7Lpj0oGZ6UOOjaNkk8Rg8tptie0CFXIsueBm9S2Kb5XHTIlhDo48OxRDJ-rTePyY4wCIidgjzkedDKLb-sdC0RuwoSOsXkJHTZzzED6T6D-9cQSaVqbKD0segm_0vwWcuDCvUeO4PoJUUxjw&uid=f71f5308-3fc3-412f-8a89-9a1342c8e5b8 Link is valid for 24 hours.
  16. "We encountered a problem processing your request. Please try again later." I'm very sure there will be no later.
  17. Yes, it's gone. Since MS is going to pull MSIE from Win 11, more changes need to be done. Please wait for an official announcement about the ISO Downloader. In the mean time, I've set up a Gofundme to cover the cost of a Visual Studio subscription (formerly MSDN). My first tests have revealed that download links from MSDN can be shared, so there's still hope to get Win 7 back - if the funding goal can be met. https://gofund.me/f1bcfca3
  18. I don't know exactly. At some point I realized it was gone. But as you said, the API kept working.
  19. The English downloads are always among the first to be unlocked. However, no guarantees that the downloads will come back on 1 August, since MS has taken the download page offline.
  20. I'm seeing that now... That's not good. We'll see on August 1st. Office 2010 has been gone for a long time, but the API just kept working, so all hope is not lost yet.
  21. No... They don't exist as retail or OEM versions. That's the likely reason MS doesn't make any public downloads available.
  22. Hi, The file won't help you generate any Windows 7 downloads as it uses a database of product keys on my server. What you need is the following API call: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/api/controls/contentinclude/html?pageId=cfa9e580-a81e-4a4b-a846-7b21bf4e2e5b&host=www.microsoft.com&segments=software-download%2cwindows7&query=&action=GetProductDownloadLinksBySku&key=<product key>&sessionId=<session id>&skuId=<sku (language)>&sdVersion=2 The session id comes from the Microsoft downloads site. The SKUs can be found in many places, for example on Github: TechBench dump (https://github.com/techbench-dump) · GitHub The SKU needs to match the product key in order for the API to work.
  23. The login is basically a frame around the function on the Microsoft site. Unfortunately it's quite impossible to troubleshoot this kind of random issue.
  24. Click the round icon with the default user image and the + sign. I can't post a screen shot now as I'm on vacation.
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