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  1. Well: no new update after 1 year and (buggy sometimes and not loading): no section for Win 11, ARM version, new Office. Old apps are dead and still available for download, but the download link is dead, like: Microsoft Expression, etc. Also, please create a Discord server if you can.
  2. The best thing to do is to delete this feature so you don't waste so much time on it.
  3. Most of links on database are dead & there's no descriptions to find out what these files are.
  4. OK, the bug I'm talking about is about your program sometimes freezes & not responding, but why there are always 2 version of Win 10 download links with same names?
  5. It still gets the same error of yesterday! I'm sorry to saying this, but your program is very buggy!
  6. Microsoft has deleted all Expression links. Please delete from your program as well.
  7. Feature request: please add: all Visual C++ runtimes, all .NET framesworks & DirectX (old versions). Thanks.
  8. Edit: Win 10 Dell versions works (Win 7 & 8.1 too), but please add versions info to the builds, all build have same names!
  9. Hi I can't download too: With real IPs, VPNs, sign-in with Microsoft account, but nothing works! error.tif
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