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  1. Sorry about the late reply. This is a local connection issue, and can have many causes (settings, programs etc.) The issue will hopefully be solved for good soon. Keep an eye open for new versions. But it will take another couple of weeks.
  2. First of the month, as usual.
  3. Usually after about three days all available Windows 7 licenses have rotated through link generation, and then need to "cool down" for a month until they can generate another link.
  4. If the file is available in your language, grab it, irrespective of edition and OEM/retail. You can always convert the file to a universal image in case the exact required file doesn't come up this month.
  5. It's determined by a first-come first-served process. Keep trying. There are some other PT-BR editions currenly available. You might want to grab one of those before they disappear, just in case Win 7 Pro COEM won't have a turn this month.
  6. The COEM image works just fine with retail keys. It's not guaranteed that all images become available in all languages every month. If you pass the COEM download, there's the chance that you'll end up with nothing.
  7. It's been available since this morning... The link is good until tomorrow morning 9:00.
  8. Downloads are generated on a first-come first-served basis. Keep trying.
  9. No, not available, and unlikely to be added.
  10. It will come back on 1 June. You can download the August 2018 refresh though, which is always available (only in English).
  11. Sorry, Win 7 Enterprise is not a public download. Here's the metadata for the files, so you can try to find it elsewhere: Windows 7 Enterprise (heidoc.net)
  12. Actually, the Russian downloads are available most months, and I'm surprised there's none this time. Chances for next month are excellent.
  13. The other languages apprear slowly, and become available one after the other. Sorry it has to be this way. If I pass all download requests to MS instantly, then my IP address would be blocked for many months.
  14. I remember adding these builds a couple of days ago. There's no new version of the downloader needed to get them. These kind of changes are made by server updates.
  15. Almost correct. There are sufficient licenses to unlock downloads for about three days per month.
  16. Hi, Please see the pinned topic for details about Win 7.
  17. Done. Just be aware that there's only little quality control happening at archive.org, and the images you get from there might not be untouched.
  18. Yes, archive.org is exempt from DMCA. It's a good thing that someone uploaded the images there.
  19. And the hash dump is also outdated. I'll get it updated tonight.
  20. Hi Bob, I've never done much with DISM, so I can I can only tell you what I suspect would be the case. I don't think that the 2004 DISM will work with the 20H2 ISO. However, it will definitely work with the 2004 ISO. Now 21H1 is about to be released, and I think that could trigger another forced upgrade for old releases. If I remember right, these releases have a life span of 1.5 years, meaning, you can only use 2004 for another couple of months before the next forced upgrade is due. Therefore, it could be better to upgrade straight to 20H2, which will last 6 more months until early 2022. Let me answer both your post in one reply since they're connected. You don't need an active internet connection to do a repair upgrade. Just make sure the connection is offline before you start setup. In my experience, repair upgrades fix almost any issue with the Windows installation. And it's not over yet. After two years, my lawyer has finally made some progress on my data subject request, so let's wait and see what personal data Amazon has collected about me over the years. That's not a bug. The two files seem identical but have different product IDs, so I decided to keep both in the list, in case one of them should disappear without prior announcement from Microsoft.
  21. It took three months to crawl these downloads, and I only added them a year ago... Crawling them again would take another three months. Maybe that's another feature for removal in the next version then...
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