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  1. Thanks for the feedback. All those are reasons why a new tool is needed, and the existing one won't be updated. The new downloader is supposed to be released before IE11 EOL, as the old one is likely going to cease working when MSIE gets removed from Windows systems.
  2. What's the issue with the current app? It's updated through server updates at least twice per month. The new version is still in no shape for release.
  3. I have great difficulties connecting that particular VM to the web, so I couldn't perform the required test to solve this question. My time is better spent on working on the Edge version instead.
  4. Please paste the content of that message here. Maybe I can see the root cause of the issue.
  5. I'll give it another try on the MSIE8 developer VM from MS.
  6. Thanks! Looks like it's broken indeed. Did you apply all available updates for Win 7 and MSIE8?
  7. I first need to verify that the downloader no longer works on MSIE8 on a Win 7 vanilla system. It could also be an issue with your installation. If it turns out to be a general problem, I'll change the website. I know that the downloader works on Vista. I've not advertised it since I don't have the capacity to support it.
  8. Thanks for notifying. As I'm working on the MS Edge version of the downloader, MSIE 8 issues will no longer be fixed.
  9. There are tools that can calculate the hash of any file. The ISO downloader can do that, and other tools like 7-ZIP too. Then compare the result with the hash given on the database.
  10. No, the monthly thing is gone. I want to try to provide the downloads via MSDN, but I'm still collecting donations for an MSDN subscription that I can use as a basis for providing the downloads. You never know... But you can always compare the hashes of the downloads with the hashes from our database. If they match, then the download is reliable. https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_family.php?family=Windows+7
  11. It will be added in a separate tab. Currently Win 11 is already available in the Win 10 tab.
  12. There's a link to a blog post with the links on the start screen. Full integration will take more time.
  13. Here's the recovery image: https://downloads.dell.com/restricted/FOLDER07502377M/1/F1VPVA09.5_Win10x64EM_Home_SingleLang.iso?authkey=y983/iE96qLSgU33u3mwtxtEK7HDlYxZcCLRUAgg/ob+iN7323i+/cti45WloFeUkGtrLZw+MDLEaIdDcDA4vA==&__gda__=1641872474_f5134def6113fc1b5e5ba2e02b846ac45ed9a3f5732ce5fdc18f394374f84c26&tkn=xioLm2MmmthW3u1mv0wj1cokrYZaQ5V8xaEXfcrE0t8R9QMLnhfN7BQKcX9l5AyWxUHW2w8IshokfY_X6E_ql77TVrImr2KInXkf5WCe5_qrhy1wTw8hmQgAOCWZ0u91LoUcqPSHrLhwPtnarx0XgmO5iV2kxpoFmFt0u3gTnQ-X1_76FA&uid=20194e13-7180-4cc5-810a-441e9c9ace21 Link is valid for 24 hours.
  14. Hi, Please send the service tag, and I'll see what I can do.
  15. Your download requests are being blocked by MS. There's nothing really I can do about that. Try a different IP address, different MS account, different computer...
  16. Thanks for the reminder to update the DB. I'll do that right when I'm back from vacation.
  17. Those files are available now. I currently don't have the time to investigate the differences. Feel free to share your insights here everyone...
  18. We'll see what exactly it is once MS uploads the files. My guess is that it's just going to be a refresh of the RTM version.
  19. Do you get the same message when you download directly from MS? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10iso If so, I suggest you get in touch with MS support so they'll help you resolve the isse on the MS website. Once the website works properly, the downloader will also work fine.
  20. See the FAQ. Your IP has been blocked by Microsoft. Wait for 24 hours.
  21. I don't think that you can run software on Ubuntu that's based on the .NET Framework 4. Others have come across very similar error messages, like here: windows - Use Mono to run a software that needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4 - Ask Ubuntu However, I've not been able to find any forum threads with the solution to this issue...
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