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  1. ok I did it ! Just put the flash_player.exe to the download folder and rename it as install_flash_player
  2. I can use colored bookmarks in this version
  3. please also upload version 3.2 x64 bit and x32 bit
  4. how to use it offline without the online installer ?
  5. Download Java Runtime Environment version 8 x32 bit or x64 bit from here : https://www.filepuma.com/software/java_software-35 place them to the root folder and rename them as : version x32 -> jre-8u321-windows-i586 version x64 -> jre-8u321-windows-x64 Then just run the script
  6. this multi maker is like Baltagy's Java Runtime Repack ?
  7. help me to make a repack for Foxit Phantom download link is here
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