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Found 1 result

  1. As you may have noticed. I have been working on v1.x this week and I've dedicated more time during next week too. Here is what to expect and the list may grow but my time is limited. Since there will be quite a few enhancements. I might as well call it v1.5.x Please note: The latest test build is not available yet. The % shown is the completion progress of that specified item. NOTICE: PLEASE READ After the v1.5.x release. No more features will be added to Win Toolkit v1.x unless they are very very small or someone pays me to do it. All focus will then be on v2.x as my University degree and therefore my future depends on it. So I will only be willing to work on v1.x bug fixes. Sorry. RELEASE PLAN Sunday 7th :: Preperation [100%] Monday 8th - Wednesday 10th :: Improving Existing Features [100%] Existing features will be improved to make future changes and bug fixes easier. Thursday 11th - Saturday 20th :: New Features [70%] I will attempt to go through the requests form and add features which I think I have time for. Note: This period has been extended since the previous task took longer than expected. Sunday 21st :: Public v1.5.x release If all goes well. The general public will see a new version prompt. NEW FEATURES AND IMPROVEMENTS Unattended Creator [100%] I've updated the GUI of the Unattended Creator and it now uses the new inputbox (below). The icon next to each item indicates where it is text input, select from a list, or just enabled/disabled, etc.. Unattended Creator- Serial Keys [100%] The screen which prompts you to enter a serial key for your unattended setup has been improved greatly. InputBox Upgrade [100%] All the inputbox prompts which asked you to enter text have been updated and work a heck of a lot better. This gives me lots of new options. Old New Silent Installers [100%] A new button is available which lets you select a common program from a list. Once selected, its switch will automatically be added.I've added a toggle on the Silent Installers + SFX tab which controls whether or not the current installers get deleted or not.Updates [100%] Update logging is now enabled by default and now has a timestamp on the filename. I've also fixed an issue where the log doesn't have an extension. Driver extraction [100%] I've decided to restore the way drivers files ending with an underscore (_) get extracted. There was issues where drivers, such as graphics drivers, could not get integrated. The old method works. It will now only use the new method (7z) if its not recognized. Hopefully this will improve driver integration by reduce the errors. WIM image system upgrade [100%] I've finally got round to finally upgrading how Win Toolkit store images in the memory but most importantly makes it so much easier for me to code. Previously Win Toolkit used to store a bunch of ListViewItem's in a list so if you looked at a wim image it would look like.: ListViewItem.Text = Image NameListViewItem.SubItems[1].Text = Image Description....ListViewItem.SubItems[6].Text = WIM file location....ListViewItem.SubItems[10].Text = ????Point is if I need to fix something or do anything at all relating to images. I had to find out which subitem stored the wim file location (6) or what subitem stored the DisplayName. This was originally done years ago before I knew how to make custom objects. Now it is like: selectedImage.NameselectedImage.DescriptionselectedImage.LocationselectedImage.MountPathselectedImage.DisplayNameselectedImage.IndexAs you can probably tell. This makes thing A LOT easier for me in the long run. I also discovered a few bugs which I managed to fix. Just implementing this alone took 2 full days which is why there was not a release last night. NOTE: This may have introduced some bugs. Although they would be easy to fix. Temp Directory [30%] Tomorrow I will be going through every existence of how the temp directory works and will be completely revamping it. UPDATE: Win Toolkit now keeps track of all the temp files and folders it creates and the process being ran. To help me manage this I decided to create a new screen which shows you. Note: It is nowhere near finished. It can only be accessed by me at the moment as it is buggy. Threading issue. Win Toolkit Cleanup [0%] On Win Toolkit exit. A new screen will appear displaying the cleanup progress. This will be much better than the current method which just says it in the title bar. This will allow you to see where it struggles and where it gets stuck. USER REQUESTS MSP Extraction [100%] I will be adding the request which allows a you to select what language you need to be extracted. ISO Maker [100%] The ISO Maker has had a re-design which includes being able to select a custom date. I've just got a few suggestions to take care of and then that is done. BUG FIXES Error Logs [10%] I will be going through a lot of error logs. Fixing as many things as possible. Bug Reports [10%] I will be going through as many bug reports on the forum. So please post as many bugs as possible and update your current bug reports with any new news. CHANGELOG NEW: Add common application switchesNEW: Replace unattended serial key boxNEW: ISO Maker customize date optionsFIX: Unattended password value stayedFIX: Internet Explorer did not always move to the topFIX: Fixed default theme settings on themepack integration FIX: Mini dumps tweaksFIX: MSI files did not always get installed in RunOnceFIX: CAB files did not always get installed in RunOnceFIX: Restore old method of driver extractionFIX: install.ini will no longer write if < 10KB is available.Added RunOnce idle timeout option WIM Manager > Set Product Key now uses new key screenRevamped WIM image handlingMSP support for RunOnceImproved Unattended Creator GUIAdded more silent installer common programsUpdated sample install.iniOption to keep mount folder after image has been dismounted
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