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Found 2 results

  1. This is my updated, lite installer with a few Adobe Customization Wizard tweaks from this tutorial by Aaron Parker Details: Integrated latest MSP update, old Visual C++ runtimes removed, also other stuff removed and made "Lite", recompiled MSI, applied custom MST tweaks (details bellow) English United States (en-US) Updated MD5: b67afb0cf53ab6bfe50db7dca4c55656 Size: 54.3 MB German Germany (de-DE) Updated MD5: 21d78e42d4de9579474a68af54c5cf3c Size: 54.7 MB Spanish Spain (es-ES) Updated MD5: f98fd244b74adc30becd118e6d2f78e5 Size: 54.7 MB French France (fr-FR) Updated MD5: 628c6bbaa9c9540fec8ce73c4dd75ed4 Size: 54.7 MB Hungarian Hungary (hu-HU) Updated MD5: c94a243ed71a29b9bfba20ae7bc8af78 Size: 54.7 MB Italian Italy (it-IT) (Mirror) MD5: ff1d6364469fc164ac18761afd84173a Size: 54.5 MB Polish Poland (pl-PL) Updated MD5: 89d69f6190a9b5cd1396c97965111249 Size: 54.7 MB Portuguese Brazil (pt-BR) Updated MD5: 9b521f9b07b1440ac7352e765df7bf75 Size: 54.7 MB Russian Russia (ru-RU) (Mirror) MD5: 84a70b1194ecac300042185f4914ce96 Size: 54.5 MB Turkish Turkey (tr-TR) Updated MD5: 3d3f746bde2dab1f23e0bdd54ec75c4f Size: 54.7 MB CustWiz and other tweaks Hidden Menu Items //HideMenu.js // [File - Save As Other]app.hideMenuItem("SaveAsSubmenu"); // [File - Send File]app.hideMenuItem("Email"); // [Edit - Check Spelling]app.hideMenuItem("Spelling:Spelling"); // [Edit - Accessability]app.hideMenuItem("Accessibility"); // [View - Read Out Loud]app.hideMenuItem("ReadAloud"); // [Help - Online Support]app.hideMenuItem("OnlineSupport"); // [Help - Online Support - Knowledge Base]app.hideMenuItem("KnowledgeBase"); // [Help - Online Support - Adobe Support Programs]app.hideMenuItem("AdobeExpertSupport"); // [Help - Online Support - Adobe User Community]app.hideMenuItem("AdobeUserCommunity"); // [Help - Online Support - Accessibility Resource Center]app.hideMenuItem("AccessOnline"); // [Help - Online Support - Generate System Report]app.hideMenuItem("SystemInformation"); // [Help - Repair Adobe Reader Installation]app.hideMenuItem("DetectAndRepair");Some tools to create your own Adobe Customization Wizard (repack/removed old runtimes)http://adf.ly/1713566/custwizInstEd (yumeyao LZX:21 mod)http://adf.ly/1713566/instedmsiSlim down your installers:http://adf.ly/1713566/msislim
  2. Unlocker v1.9.2 "Lite" Español (32 Bits) (Add-On) Libera y/o Elimina Archivos Bloqueados o que estan en uso!!! Esta es una versión "Lite" o ligera: * Sin Delta Toolbar!. * Sin Asistente! (no es necesario, con click derecho sobre el archivo a desbloquear es suficiente). * También funciona como instalación regular (des-compactando el addon). (Sólo se instala en Windows de 32 Bits) Click en la Imagen para DESCARGAR (159 KB) MD5: AA3718C80DE888B20802DF5B12FAF5FE Web Oficial
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