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[Repak] Adobe Reader XI Lite 11.0.10 (de en es fr hu it pl ptb ru tr)


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Not only since publication, since always...the adfly polish link has a NEVER been tripped.

I will redo & re-add but, any links I dont see activity on I will not waste any time supporting (this goes for all downloads)

Edit: done

Strange ... I downloaded every time when it was updated

Thank you for changing the decision :)

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Hi Rick I am a blind user and I need to keep the accessibility plugins in reader can you explain to me how to accomplish this task I have an admin install of reader 11.03 but I used the custwiz but I tried to use insted to apply the transform that I made but the install still runs and I don't think that it did anything and I don't know how to make the admin install back to a single msi package if you could please help it would be very appreciated my language is english thanks again for your help I feel like I am allmost there but I need a little bit of help thanks again.


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OK here is what I do/use, you will need InstEd MSI editor. Use this one because its patched for better cab compression http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9769-modded-insted-151526-lzx21/


- Create a administrative install of adobe reader

- Integrate the MSP update AdbeRdrUpd11003.msp

- I edit the MSI to make it lite, you may skip this

- Open the installer in InstEd, go to the "Media" Table, right click on "#Data1.cab" and choose "Rebuild selected CABs"

- Once InstEd finishes rebuilding CAB, click the "Table" menu, choose "Summary Info..."

- In Summary Information change the "Image Type" from "Admin External. Long filenames" to "Compressed. Long filenames"

- Close InstEd and save your MSI

- Now you can open your MSI with CustWiz v11.03 and choose your options

Note: sometimes CustWiz does not apply the tweaks, it merely creates a MST (Microsoft Transform) file with the tweaks. You need to apply this to the MSI, you can do this with InstEd: Open your MSI again and click the "Transform" menu, choose "Apply transform..." and browse for your CustWiz generated MST (save & exit)

Tell me what language you want, I can make you a lite installer keeping Accessibility plugins

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Hi Rick how do you get the files back into a single msi package?  I changed the info in the summary table and I compressed the cab file.  thanks so much for your time.

Open the installer in InstEd, go to the "Media" Table, right click on "#Data1.cab" and choose "Rebuild selected CABs"
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Hi Rick I did that and now I have the Data1.cab file but not one msi package file I can't see your picture if you could make me an installer with just the accessibility plugins included I would appreciate or tell me what I am doing wrong I would also like to how to have one main msi file thanks for your time.

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Hi Rick I am trying to get my msi like yours like the file name AdbeRdrLite11003_en_US.msi that is what I don't understand what I am doing I did the cab compression and then I applied the transforms file but now I want to get one msi file instead of the cab file and the msi and the setup.ini and the mst file thanks again for your help.

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OK I see, you are using the embedded MSI from the Adobe Reader EXE installer, that one has Data1.cab on the outside. (in the media table you can add a # symbol at the beginning of Data1.cab and insted will embed the CAB)

I personally don't use the EXE I use this MSI installer ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/11.x/11.0.00/en_US/AdbeRdr11000_en_US.msi

I made you this liter installer. Its the same as my lite but I kept: Accessibility, Read Out Loud, Make Accessible and Reflow


Here is my CustWiz MST you can apply with InstEd if you want (or you can use your own) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56155351/Tools/AdbeRdr11003_en_US_CustWiz.mst

Good luck!

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Hi Rick thanks so much if I used the adobe link that you gave me for the adobe ftp how would I apply the update msp to version 11?  Also thanks for you making me the version with accessibility is your transform file included in that file?  thanks again for your help.

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No the transform is not included in my installer, only been updated and slimed

If you want to apply the MSP update, create a admin install of the MSI, open a cmd prompt and type this command

msiexec /a msi_name.msi /p msp_patch.msp /qb
Now you use InstEd to rebuild and change summary info from admin long filenames to compressed long filenames
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Hi Rick when I go to apply my transforms file in instead nothing seems to happen when I run the install like none of the options are there like have IE have the open and save dialogue I just opened my msi and then I go to the transforms menu and then I go to apply transforms here is a link to my transforms file can you please tell me what I am doing wrong thanks.

here is the link http://www.coreytk.com/AcroRead.mst

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Yeah me too, but I don't know what is happening to the HideMenu.js file isn't there after applying transform.




My steps:
- I remove all stuff via VBscript (added some other things in the vbs file given by you)
- I create an administrative install
- I integrate the update AdbeRdrUpd11003.msp
- I open the CustWiz, modify some values ​​in the Property table (eg Brandname and Productname) and add HideMenu.js in the Files & Folders area.
- I go to generate transformation in the Transform menu and save the mst file.
- I apply transform with MsiTran.exe file and all changes are applied, except for the HideMenu.js file.
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Thank you for your help, Rick
I'll try making it and see if that fixes the "problem"  ;)
I figured out what is happening...
The HideMenu.js is in the EnterpriseFiles table (image below). But he isn't in the Javascripts folder, only when the msi file is recompiled into a single msi package and later executed/installed, the .js appears in the Javascripts folder.
I tried to install the administrative install package, but the .js wasn't installed along with the rest of the files.  :no:
I'm creating a 7-zip sfx with the administrative install package to reduce the final file size.
.MSI (single msi package) ≅ 35MB
.EXE (administrative install package) ≅ 22MB


As you can see above, the differences are significant. That said, what do you think I can do besides decompile (create a administrative install) again with the MSI (lite) file?

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It was the only thing I haven't tried. I'll try that tip and come back later with the result.

My ISP is crap today and connecting me slower than dial up =X



Rick: worked perfectly!  :dancing:

I’d like to thank you for everything. I’m very grateful to you for helping me =)

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