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  1. It was the only thing I haven't tried. I'll try that tip and come back later with the result. My ISP is crap today and connecting me slower than dial up =X ------------------ Rick: worked perfectly! :dancing: I’d like to thank you for everything. I’m very grateful to you for helping me =)
  2. Thank you for your help, RickI'll try making it and see if that fixes the "problem" ------------- I figured out what is happening... The HideMenu.js is in the EnterpriseFiles table (image below). But he isn't in the Javascripts folder, only when the msi file is recompiled into a single msi package and later executed/installed, the .js appears in the Javascripts folder. I tried to install the administrative install package, but the .js wasn't installed along with the rest of the files. :no: I'm creating a 7-zip sfx with the administrative install package to reduce the final file size..MSI (single msi package) ≅ 35MB.EXE (administrative install package) ≅ 22MB As you can see above, the differences are significant. That said, what do you think I can do besides decompile (create a administrative install) again with the MSI (lite) file?
  3. Yeah me too, but I don't know what is happening to the HideMenu.js file isn't there after applying transform. My steps:- I remove all stuff via VBscript (added some other things in the vbs file given by you)- I create an administrative install- I integrate the update AdbeRdrUpd11003.msp- I open the CustWiz, modify some values ​​in the Property table (eg Brandname and Productname) and add HideMenu.js in the Files & Folders area.- I go to generate transformation in the Transform menu and save the mst file.- I apply transform with MsiTran.exe file and all changes are applied, except for the HideMenu.js file.
  4. Rick, how you managed to integrate the file "HideMenu.js"? I created the mst file with CustWiz, but when I apply transform the "HideMenu.js" isn't in the Javascripts folder :g:
  5. Awesome tool! many thanks, rick
  6. Hi HJSC Added Portuguese_Brazilian lang. Please test it out on VM. You should have lang\pt_br in the program folder only. Other lang folders are deleted. kindly let me know if everything is okay or not. Hi all, I have noticed a small syntax error while adding Portuguese Brazilian lang in the inf & have corrected the inf lang folder sub-dir syntax. You should see only your lang folder/file after installation. Cheers Thanks Geej =D It's okay. Ah, and i'm sorry for any inconvenience :cap:
  7. Thanks for the update and continue the wonderful work on the "Foxit Lite"! You could add PTB (portuguese brazilian) language, please?
  8. I was a long time wanting to create a lite version of Adobe Reader XI, but could never even start - don't let laziness get the better of you Great work, Rick!
  9. Well... neither he (PS), nor Nero AutoCAD checked if already installed V++ 2010. Thanks for all rick
  10. Thanks for responding so quickly =D This is true. I hardly see available security updates for v++ on windows update... I asked more out of curiosity ^^ Ah.. yesterday, when I was installing Photoshop CS6, some errors occurred in the installation: Visual C ++ 2010 (32 and 64 bit) were not installed. This is normal, right? Once I installed your AiO.
  11. Rick, one question: After installing your AiO, the updates of Visual C ++ will be installed via Windows Update when available? Thanks =)
  12. Thank you geej =) And please, continue with XP ^^
  13. I still need it. =D Especially now that the Foxit decided to leave aside the MSI installers... and I just prefer not to use the exe installer which contains adware =/
  14. Nice work, Rick =) You could add PTB (portuguese brazilian) language? Thanks ^^
  15. Well, It has been a while since I do not use FF and IE, since the day I installed the chrome to test it, and how it has its own PDF reader integrated and enabled by default... you can imagine, huh? lol but It's good to know. thanks for info/fix, Geej =]
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