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  1. It was the only thing I haven't tried. I'll try that tip and come back later with the result. My ISP is crap today and connecting me slower than dial up =X ------------------ Rick: worked perfectly! :dancing: I’d like to thank you for everything. I’m very grateful to you for helping me =)
  2. Thank you for your help, RickI'll try making it and see if that fixes the "problem" ------------- I figured out what is happening... The HideMenu.js is in the EnterpriseFiles table (image below). But he isn't in the Javascripts folder, only when the msi file is recompiled into a single msi package and later executed/installed, the .js appears in the Javascripts folder. I tried to install the administrative install package, but the .js wasn't installed along with the rest of the files. :no: I'm creating a 7-zip sfx with the administrative install package to reduce the final file size..MSI (single msi package) ≅ 35MB.EXE (administrative install package) ≅ 22MB As you can see above, the differences are significant. That said, what do you think I can do besides decompile (create a administrative install) again with the MSI (lite) file?
  3. Yeah me too, but I don't know what is happening to the HideMenu.js file isn't there after applying transform. My steps:- I remove all stuff via VBscript (added some other things in the vbs file given by you)- I create an administrative install- I integrate the update AdbeRdrUpd11003.msp- I open the CustWiz, modify some values ​​in the Property table (eg Brandname and Productname) and add HideMenu.js in the Files & Folders area.- I go to generate transformation in the Transform menu and save the mst file.- I apply transform with MsiTran.exe file and all changes are applied, except for the HideMenu.js file.
  4. Rick, how you managed to integrate the file "HideMenu.js"? I created the mst file with CustWiz, but when I apply transform the "HideMenu.js" isn't in the Javascripts folder :g:
  5. Awesome tool! many thanks, rick
  6. Hi HJSC Added Portuguese_Brazilian lang. Please test it out on VM. You should have lang\pt_br in the program folder only. Other lang folders are deleted. kindly let me know if everything is okay or not. Hi all, I have noticed a small syntax error while adding Portuguese Brazilian lang in the inf & have corrected the inf lang folder sub-dir syntax. You should see only your lang folder/file after installation. Cheers Thanks Geej =D It's okay. Ah, and i'm sorry for any inconvenience :cap:
  7. Thanks for the update and continue the wonderful work on the "Foxit Lite"! You could add PTB (portuguese brazilian) language, please?
  8. I was a long time wanting to create a lite version of Adobe Reader XI, but could never even start - don't let laziness get the better of you Great work, Rick!
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