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[Repak] Adobe Reader XI Lite 11.0.10 (de en es fr hu it pl ptb ru tr)


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ricktendo, on 16 May 2013 - 3:05 PM, said:

If you want this option its very easy to get, open the MSI in InstEd or Orca, go to the 'Property' table and change ENABLE_OPTIMIZATION from NO to YES 


Hello Ricktendo !


I'm trying to find the correct key with InstEd in your MSI package to change the following option:

When launching PDF in IE: Prompt to open/save


When launching PDF in IE: Always Open


Could you tell me with option should I change in the MSI ?

A big thanks for your repack :)

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For that you need to use Adobe Customization Wizard (look in Tools secion of the 1st post,) this will create a MST wit the changes you then later apply to the installer using InstEd


It works perfectly ! thanks :)


Detailled step for interested users:

  1. Download ricktendo Adobe reader msi (ex: AdbeRdrLite11006_fr_FR.msi)
  2. Download and install Adobe Customization Wizard XI
  3. Open AdbeRdrLite11006_fr_FR.msi in Adobe Customization Wizard, Uncheck "When launching PDF in Internet Explorer, prompt user with Open/Save dialog"
  4. Click to "Transform -> Generate transform" and save a "nopopup.mst" file
  5. Download and install InstEd
  6. Click on your "nopopup.mst" file and choose the AdbeRdrLite11006_fr_FR.msi file
  7. Finally, generate the new custom msi with "File -> Save As"  (ex: AdbeRdrLite11006_fr_FR_nopopup.msi)
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Updated ALL


Hi Rick!

This version can't view content in PDF forms


I confirm this



Same problem here... because of that i stay in 11.0.3 which work fine.


btw... great work ricktendo your repacks are very useful, thanks!!!

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