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  1. Can you add the latest KB3098001 and KB3098786 to the slim-installer ?
  2. I have another problem with the 2.6er installers (admin-install): on Win7 x64 only the 32-bit plugin and 32bit-java console is active (system and IE11). Using the 2.5er installer, i have a big setup-file, but here are 32 and 64 Bit versions correctly installed. The java-mgmt is correctly on 64bit instead 32bit. IE11 has the 32 and 64Bit Plugin active. Reversing the install order doesn´t change anything. So I´am back to 2.5er install and i accept the 100MB installer size for a working dual version
  3. The v2.6-Download is blocked by Mediafire. Can you please check the download-url ?
  4. About: KB2533552 I made several tests on x86 and x64 and my best solution was to integrate it as the LAST Update in RunOnce. After deep clean / ccleaner-clean, some reboots, etc. the SP1 parts was never requested again by WU My best solution for the moment is to hide this updates: KB2952664, KB3021917, KB3035583 and KB3022345 completly. This updates are only Win10/M$-Spyware related and brings me more problems and slows down my system
  5. It´s german - but i added the "451deslim" LP-Package - as usual It look´s like, for smaller install the single language files need to be checked....
  6. In my case a after complete deinstall and fresh install it requests from WU: KB2901983 with 52,4MB ! Can you please recheck. i tested on Win7x64
  7. For the older Java7-Maker i suggest to add the Variables: "WEB=SPONSORS=0 WEB_JAVA=1" the same way as for the Java8-Maker ;-) The only not existing variable is WEB_ANALYTICS as i figured out...
  8. There is a problem in the > 2.0 maker: On my x64-machine the UAC-daemon is switched off / disabled, so the checking of "admin Rights" runs in an endless loop, because the uac-daemon is not responding. Can you enhance your checkscript, so it´s not depend on the presence of active uac directly ? I have always admin-rights on my machine as User "Administrator" - so uac is normaly never needed for me ;-)
  9. @Ricktendo: Can you please Update the Slim and Full Installer for .net 4.5.2 (Final not the betas) and correct the downloadfilename ? - it still shows 451 in the linkname ;-)
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