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[Repak] Adobe Reader XI Lite 11.0.10 (de en es fr hu it pl ptb ru tr)


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This is my updated, lite installer with a few Adobe Customization Wizard tweaks from this tutorial by Aaron Parker

Details: Integrated latest MSP update, old Visual C++ runtimes removed, also other stuff removed and made "Lite", recompiled MSI, applied custom MST tweaks (details bellow)

English United States (en-US) Updated

MD5: b67afb0cf53ab6bfe50db7dca4c55656

Size: 54.3 MB

German Germany (de-DE) Updated

MD5: 21d78e42d4de9579474a68af54c5cf3c

Size: 54.7 MB

Spanish Spain (es-ES) Updated

MD5: f98fd244b74adc30becd118e6d2f78e5

Size: 54.7 MB

French France (fr-FR) Updated

MD5: 628c6bbaa9c9540fec8ce73c4dd75ed4

Size: 54.7 MB

Hungarian Hungary (hu-HU) Updated

MD5: c94a243ed71a29b9bfba20ae7bc8af78

Size: 54.7 MB

Italian Italy (it-IT) (Mirror)

MD5: ff1d6364469fc164ac18761afd84173a

Size: 54.5 MB

Polish Poland (pl-PL) Updated

MD5: 89d69f6190a9b5cd1396c97965111249

Size: 54.7 MB

Portuguese Brazil (pt-BR) Updated

MD5: 9b521f9b07b1440ac7352e765df7bf75

Size: 54.7 MB

Russian Russia (ru-RU) (Mirror)

MD5: 84a70b1194ecac300042185f4914ce96

Size: 54.5 MB

Turkish Turkey (tr-TR) Updated

MD5: 3d3f746bde2dab1f23e0bdd54ec75c4f

Size: 54.7 MB

CustWiz and other tweaks

EULA: Accepted

Default viewer for PDF files: Installer will decide

Enable Optimization: OFF

Enable Caching of installer files on local hard drive: OFF

Run installation: Default

If reboot required at the end of installation: Prompt

Desktop Shortcut: Removed

WebMail Profiles: Disabled

Disable product updates: Checked

When launching PDF in IE: Prompt to open/save

Disable help > Purchase Adobe Acrobat: Checked

Disable help > Digital Editions: Checked

Disable Product improvement program: Checked

Disable Viewing of PDF with Ads for Adobe PDF: Checked

Acrobat.com features: ALL Disabled

Disable Shared Reviews and Review/Forms workflows: Checked

Default Action for Unspecified File Types: Never launch


Removed Features:









Removed Plugins:















Hidden Menu Items

//HideMenu.js // [File - Save As Other]app.hideMenuItem("SaveAsSubmenu"); // [File - Send File]app.hideMenuItem("Email"); // [Edit - Check Spelling]app.hideMenuItem("Spelling:Spelling"); // [Edit - Accessability]app.hideMenuItem("Accessibility"); // [View - Read Out Loud]app.hideMenuItem("ReadAloud"); // [Help - Online Support]app.hideMenuItem("OnlineSupport"); // [Help - Online Support - Knowledge Base]app.hideMenuItem("KnowledgeBase"); // [Help - Online Support - Adobe Support Programs]app.hideMenuItem("AdobeExpertSupport"); // [Help - Online Support - Adobe User Community]app.hideMenuItem("AdobeUserCommunity"); // [Help - Online Support - Accessibility Resource Center]app.hideMenuItem("AccessOnline"); // [Help - Online Support - Generate System Report]app.hideMenuItem("SystemInformation"); // [Help - Repair Adobe Reader Installation]app.hideMenuItem("DetectAndRepair");
Some tools to create your own

Adobe Customization Wizard (repack/removed old runtimes)http://adf.ly/1713566/custwizInstEd (yumeyao LZX:21 mod)http://adf.ly/1713566/instedmsiSlim down your installers:http://adf.ly/1713566/msislim
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Hi, @ ricktendo64

Congratulations for your work! Thank you for cleaning unnecessary and old version files and for making these msi files.

I have a question. These files are all msi packages. What should i do to use these package with WinKit as silent installer?

For example, is there a need for switches parameter etc. ? :please:

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You can use the switch /qn for an silent install!

However, how can I create a new full msi package for french language after customization?

Thanks Rick.

Thanks for reply. Is switch /qn only for Adobe Reader or is it use for Rick's all msi packages?

NOTE: Can we use these msi packages with WIN7?

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@oguz yes /qn will work on all msi packages and yes you can use them on Windows 7, with wpi, win toolkit and stuff

@myselfidem I use InstEd to rebuild the msi (use yumeyao mod to get better compression)

- I apply update msp

- Remove the old runtimes

- Apply customized mst

- Open the msi in InstEd

- In the Media table right click on the CAB and choose Rebuild selected CABs

- Go to Tables -> Sumary info... and set your installer to Compressed. Long filenames and you are done

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I made an updated ReaderX_addon posted in French forum:


VC_Runtimes are removed and .msi installer repacked.

Can be installed silent with " -gm2 -qn" parameters.

Will install on all Windows NT versions.


MD5: 52496743A9646889F0AF3D2869DE4D5C

Taille: 38,81 MB

Lien: http://www.mediafire.com/?a421gzocw624o6p

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Many thanks! You've made a very good work. I don't use Addons at this time...But I know that I can extract the cab file and use the exe file with the switch you given: "ARF.EXE -gm2 -qn"

Thanks for the link. I haven't see this one.

I'm interested now to create a msi file for Adobe Reader, on my own!

@ ricktendo64

Many thanks for your answer. I will try to use your method!


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What is the command line you used to extract the setup files?

"AdbeRdr1010_en_US.exe.exe -nos_o"C:\Folder" -nos_ne"

This command line is not working!

In addition when i downloaded Adobe reader setup file from adobe web page, the file name is: "install_reader10_en_mssd_aih.exe"

This is different than above command line setup name.

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What is the command line you used to extract the setup files?

"AdbeRdr1010_en_US.exe.exe -nos_o"C:\Folder" -nos_ne"

This command line is not working!

Yes, there is a little (typo) error inside the tutorial (.exe writed twice)!


"AdbeRdr1010_en_US.exe -nos_o"C:\Folder" -nos_ne"


"AdbeRdr1013_en_US.exe -nos_o"C:\Folder" -nos_ne"


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I dont understand what problem you are running into

BTW I dont use the EXE I use the 10.1.0 MSI and in it I integrate the 10.1.4 MSP, remove old VC Runtimes, then I process it with Adobe Customization Wizard (you may have to create a dummy Setup.ini) and also manually do some cleaning with InstEd (remove Setup.ini refrences and other misc stuff)

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