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  1. Interesting product looking forward to trying the reader version
  2. @Ricktendo OK then I understand and thanks @Thiersee good to know I will just add it with my images as you suggest thanks
  3. Any thoughts on this Rick? Just wondering if this is an MS mistake...
  4. No Rick I also didn't uninstall the previous...
  5. I have a new fully updated Win7x64 image with your runtime package and when I install Office2001x86 WU says I'm missing Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=44074 wondering what you think... thanks!!!!
  6. Hi Rick, Just catching up and trying to update a previous integration and when I was using WPI to update an image that used your last .NET I got the following: As always BIG THANKS!!!
  7. Have to admit I am constantly confused with what the most up to date pack is and how to get it.
  8. Hope University is going well for you!
  9. I was hoping that was the answer but it doesn't really apply. When I go straight to the ISO Maker it just seems to always default to Rebuild and if I am hasty and forget to uncheck it just adds so much time in my testing... especially when I am testing maybe 20 builds or so. Thanks Anyway
  10. Thanks for the response but I don't think you understand what I'm asking for because that doesn't change the DEFAULT setting that only changes it for that session
  11. Hi All... Is their anyway to make NOT rebuilding the image the default setting?
  12. I know I am bringing up an old thread but I had decided to give this a shot again and found the following thread which explains the actual change in behavior and why we were all unsuccessful at using our original methods to manage this. Needless to say this is NOT a WTK bug :doh: http://www.sevenforums.com/installation-setup/350005-ie-11-default-search-provider-resets-after-sysprep.html
  13. Thanks guys this is truly an odd issue because it seems to make no logical sense... to clarify: I definitely have been able to download every other .exe from mediafire and all other hosting services with matching MD5's , I have been updating all my exe tools like KUC, WHD, SFX makers including your new Java tool Mooms with no issues at all. I ran Malwarebytes and a few other tools that all came up clean. I must have tried at least 20+ times and could never get a correct MD5 I just ran the latest KUC against my system and updated everything, updated to the latest Flash and Shockwave, ran Rick's latest VBCFJRedist_AIO_x86_x64, cleaned my temp folders and of course rebooted quite a few times and just tried the download 2x with SUCCESS!!! I can't begin to guess at which item "potentially" fixed this or what was the actual "cause & effect" here to resolve the issue.
  14. Thank you for all the responses guys and Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!! So I tried again today with my same scenario: IE 11 Chrome 39.0.2171.71 Opera 26 Pale Moon 25 I can't get the same MD5 with any browser at all no matter how many times I tried. So then I tried Thiersee's suggestion and used FDM (very nice tool) and still no luck. I can't understand this since every other download from MediaFire works fine :g: before giving up I did an RDP to a clients network and tried from there and sure enough it worked fine the first time. Not sure I get what exactly is technically going on here.
  15. WOW using 3 different browsers and a very fast stable connection, after trying 8 times I can't get these files to download with the same MD5 at all and they never match the posted MD5... (these are the ONLY files I am having this problem with... all the other files I downloaded today are fine)
  16. Don't want to derail the OP's thread but I think I am asking a similar thing regarding how to integrate drivers and we can all learn from it http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12733-driver-integration-method-question/could you help us/me understand how this function works? I am just starting to experiment with adding drivers this way. Thanks and really nice 8.1 thread :prop:
  17. my mistake about a previous post.... so I deleted it
  18. Have you posted your question on the drivers pack forum? Mr.SmartyPants, OverFlow and the other guys on there are super helpful...
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