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  1. Got a bad case of Bronchitis slowed me down a lot... trying it today though and will give some feedback
  2. Has anyone heard from Liam at all?
  3. I am going to give it a try this weekend in VirtualBox Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info but MS doesn't make this easy and I am still confused ... I only use x64 enterprise and Ntdsatq.dll isn't on my system either so now I am wondering under what conditions is the file actually in the OS.
  5. I would be very interested in a tool like this in fact I am redoing my system (once i can figure out what the correct updates are :sad01_anim: ) and this could come in very handy. With all due respect and appreciation a program that actually works on your live system and and touches a persons data is scary so I'm sure some testing and evaluation will be in order thanks
  6. I just did an integration and KB2853587 shows red but also is not listed in the "integrated" updates after completion.
  7. If you take a look at my latest ini you will see all the files from McRip that I use... I think this will help you see what your missing and how to apply the various items... please keep in mind that I choose to add many items that I am sure others leave out. STEP-1-2013-09-12.ini
  8. Lego, what model laptop do you have?
  9. Interesting thought... I used the WIM Manager for my XML and the true/false were the only options but I could try to a manual edit and see what happens... the blank entry in help page is the default for the MS website... thanks for the response and I will report back
  10. I do exactly what your referring to... instead of completely doing a new integration I just take the new installer and replace the old one in the "WinToolkit_Apps" folder... as long as everything es;e is the same (switches, type of installer, etc) this always works for me. I use the same idea for all my personal additional tweaks addons etc
  11. You actually did help me with some issues I am working on regarding runonce settings ... thanks very much
  12. I didn't think this was the right forum for my IE10 issue so I created a thread on MDL... hope it helps others. http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/46686-WIN7x64-IE10-Installation-Tweaks
  13. Well since no one responded I am wondering if anyone else has ever had a problem with the autounattendl.xml file like I posted in the link above?
  14. I know this isn't an answer but why don't you try a run with ONLY the SFX installers and see what happens...
  15. I am integrating IE10 with my WIN7x64 Enterprise image but I continue to have a really strange autounattend.XML problem which I have posted here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/139572-ask-your-seven-xml-here/?p=1044416 I was wondering if I could exchange some XML files with anyone that would assist me in resolving this. Thanks
  16. I have run so many different tests and I am amazed that I can't find 1 simple way of getting everything I want in IE10... I need to use the XML + IEAK + a few reg tweaks... I just created new installers from the IEAK but they are exe and msi so I don't know how to integrate either of them as "updates" with WinToolKit. Any advice or suggestions? I should probably already know this so sorry if I am overlooking the obvious... OR can anyone guide me on how to use the IEAK with WinToolKIt?
  17. Thanks very much for that info mTretro
  18. More: I used the KUC script update_ldr command to add KB2823180 as an LDR and it still shows up... then I ran it as GDR and LDR with his script and it still showed up... this is weird
  19. OK so a brand new integration using KB2823180 installed after ,Net as a SFX with a z in front to make sure it is installed last... it shows up in MS Update and it also shows up as installed when I check installed updates.
  20. Thanks I am setting up a new set as I write this and testing it with the zzz trick thanks
  21. I use to use the zzz trick with Ryan integrator for XP :-) ...does WinToolKit change the install order from the .ini that we create? I will check also check this since I am testing today.
  22. Rica, I would think that you would know that I really did use the search or I wouldn't have asked the question... I'm not a newbie here :doh: ...I am just not finding a clear answer to my question so I may have missed it... but my SFX .ini shows that it is installed after .net and it's the last framework hotfix installed. Does WinToolKit change the order of the fixes (other than the pre-req's)? Thanks for your help I always appreciate it.
  23. Funny you say that just yesterday I installed it and made some unattend.xml modifications :-) I am actually trying to get caught up after months of being out of the loop.
  24. I haven't been around much but I noticed that the forum seems very quiet and their hasn't been much development recently... hope all is OK.
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