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  1. Does anyone know if all the other versions had the same problem? I am looking to create some new images today
  2. I am using the same .NET from Rick and it definitely does not install properly at all no matter where I put it in the order... yet it installs fine in the old WinToolKIt
  3. Yes that seems to be exactly what's happening and I can't exactly understand a clear pattern since some items install but not completely and don't work. It even SEEMS possible that if the timing was correct the RDP issue may not be a factor with the new installer... and don't ask me to expalin how or why but the new installer seems to have solved this problem as well: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11541-can-anyone-help-me-with-this/?p=101650 I had given up on it
  4. Well so far not so good... I did a new KUC integration with no RDP 8.0/8.1 and then used WinTollKit for the SFX again... the same thing happened where installers ran at the same time and some didn't install while others didn't install properly/completely. The image below shows MSFixIt 50470 running which is actually the first item even before the 50531 which you can see at the top. It was running while MSXML4 installed The other image shows VBCFL installer running while the MS CodecPack ran and the .Net installer ran while all of the other installers were running. I am testing a W
  5. I'm doing a preliminary update on this because I am still running tests but I am running into the same problem with some new twists. I did an integration with the latest KUC and then ran the WinToolkit_1.4.34.2 to do my typical SFX part... basically the same as I was doing back in Nov... just newer tools and newer updates. I took a chance and integrated RDP 8.0 and 8.1 and sure enough the SFX went nuts BUT it didn't start early... just ran installers on top of each other and some didn't really run at all. I re-ordered some of the installers to see if it made any difference and the same crazy t
  6. v1.4.34.2 When using the downloader I get the following error and it just hangs Title: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.ErrType: ErrorDescription: An unknown error has occurred and has been written to 'Logs\Errors.txt'Exception: Exception:***********************************Form: frmToolsManager (False)Status: ddAnti-Virus: FalseVersion: Exception: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.StackTrace: at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile(Uri address, String fileName) at (Object , String , String ) at A..(Object , EventArgs ) at System.
  7. With the changes in Win Toolkit, I'm looking forward to your updated tutorial of how to use the new download methods, along with KUC, to get a fully updated source, in the easiest and most automated way possible. Cheers and Regards Well I started my testing yesterday and ran into soo many issues and problems... it's like relearning this all over again :doh: it will take me a bit to rethink things but I will get on it today and hopefully see some progress.
  8. I actually took a few minutes to read the "about us" and what a great site they have... it is a little treasure chest for sure :-)
  9. Didn't want anyone to think I am ignoring Christian... I am in direct contact with him and will try to assist as well as update my techniques with the newer tools.
  10. If it is a working build (with problems fixed), I do not have a problem with that. As for the "McRip button", I am not sure what 'WHD' stands for, but if it is another way to get updates for Windows then that would probably be best. http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/44645-Windows-Hotfix-Downloader-4-8
  11. Lego contact me via PM
  12. Too bad... I would gladly pay a subscription but frankly I doubt donations would ever work longterm
  13. No slap that's a very valid question and I think these are often overlooked. They are various MS fixes for specific items and released in .msi format. I can't actually pinpoint how I found them because it was over a period of time that I found them all but I did make a recent post about them and thanks to PointZero I learned that Komm actually maintains a repo of them. http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/30670-KUC-a-utility-to-check-you-Windows-7-2008-R2-WMS-or-Win-embedded-update-status/page50?p=832738&viewfull=1#post832738 http://www.windows-update-checker.com/hotfix/x64/Clien
  14. I wanted to provide a bit more of an update on this so here goes: I have completely modified my method of doing integration's and with everyone's help the method now works GREAT. Its even much quicker to do AND provides a finished product that is quicker to install... HOMERUN!!! I also expect that it will be easier to maintain which means a tremendous amount to me because frankly this had gotten so overwhelming that I was spending more time prepping and maintaining than I was producing a finished product. Basically I use KUC to integrate updates OFFLINE and then I use WinToolkit to integra
  15. Thanks!!! I should have searched before I posted because that was exactly the issue and now all is fine again.
  16. Thanks!!!! That seems to be exactly the cause of my integration issues as well... I should have searched but I had such tunnel vision since I was doing a complete change that I neglected to. I stopped integrating RDP offline with KUC and instead now do it online after login and all is once again fine.
  17. Thank you guys!!!! That seems to be exactly the cause of my integration issues as well. I stopped integrating RDP offline with KUC and instead do it online after login and all is once again fine.
  18. Well now I am thinking the same thing since I don't play any games at all :doh: Only old games? In this case I don't need it, I play only Tetris and Flipper . Thiersee
  19. @Etz Thanks.. just got home from work and anxious to try my next round of tests with the info you all provided but I will wait until I am fresh in the AM.
  20. Thanks I responded and will start from scratch again later
  21. @RicaNeaga Thanks.. that gives me a direction to look at... I don't do WMF but I do integrate KB2592687 and VBC AIO... I just had a system crash and lost a few hrs of work so I need to take a break now and I will start later with a clean integration.. THANKS
  22. WOW now I'm experiencing some major timing change in the integration process and once again I am scratching my head becuase this changes everything again... http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/30670-KUC-a-utility-to-check-you-Windows-7-2008-R2-WMS-or-Win-embedded-update-status/page50?p=833975&viewfull=1#post833975
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