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  1. I have had run into this issue twice now. My Windows 7 installs perfectly drivers and all, but when the Windows boots up for the first time to install my silent installers it's asking me to browse for the installers. Problem is, it seems to not detect the USB drive so I have to just exit out and manually install everything. Weird thing is I've used this image on 3 images, 2 had the issue 1 did not. I plugged the USB image into the same USB port of every laptop. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Edit: I should mention once my image got bigger and bigger I switched to USB installations. DVD never had this issue but it's super annoying to keep updating images on DVD. Edit #2: Maybe have the setting Integrate 'USB' Drivers (boot.wim) checked?
  2. Hello, Is it possible to integrate office 2013 updates to an image even though Office 2013 doesn't silent install till after Windows is installed? If so, I'll just add them to my image. Thanks!
  3. Thanks all, got it to work. Gotta love forums, where peeps are helpful. Thanks! :cap:
  4. Last question, do I use the CAB file or the EXE of IE 11 on the image?
  5. Alphadownloader downloaded only 1 file which is a kb2896820 msu file. I didn't get a text file =/ But, maybe i should edit and say do I just need to look up the prereq's put them in the image then keep what I have already on the screenshot?
  6. I'm having a hard time integrating IE11 into this image I'm creating for our office. I put the IE prerequisites (seems to be only 1 file) and IE 11 with the Spelling Libraries and the Hyphenation libraries. Though when windows installs it seems to put the IE 11 install in silent installs. Not sure why. Maybe I'm missing an update? I tried to read the forums here but I don't see anything that helps me. Adobe Reader I use a silent installer .msi file with /quiet /norestart switches and it check marks it as if it installed but the installer just stops and cancels. Can anyone maybe offer some input on what I'm doing wrong? I attached a screenshot of the Internet explorer files I have included into the image. Thanks!
  7. I have a quick question, When using this program to Install all updates from Windows during the install process, using Alphawaves program is this assuming the Enterprise disk is already Service Pack 1? Because each time I try to try to install the package with just General, Hotfix, and Sercurity updates I keep getting an error during Windows installation saying it can't install all the components. Wondering if it's due to the disk not being Enterprise + SP1. Thanks!
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