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  1. For example the actual cumulative update KB5026372
  2. Whit only 1 issue (cosmetic!): cumulative updates are put under "Language Packs" and I must move it under "Updates"; same happens with the developper-version by unantastbar (project dead).
  3. Hi mooms, hi Liam, nice to see you again, I hope you are well! I'm still using WinToolkit for Win 10 & Win 11.
  4. @Alpha_95 I do not have experience with UEFI-Install in VirtualBox; just one or two times I managed to install it, but I had difficulties. BTW, EFI-Install in VirtualBox is not so advanced as real hardware; for this reason I install VM in BIOS mode. I had a look at your autounattended, but I didn't discover errors. Only one difference: the type-ID of the WinRE-Partition is written with big capitals on your site, on my site is with small capitals. Try to install on your SSD.
  5. Hi Alpha_95, just a couple of questions, before I send you one of my autounattend. xml: 1) Do you install in UEFI- or BIOS-Modus? MBR or GPT? 2) Do you want to format the drive too? Again: MBR or GPT? 3) Windows 10 Home or Pro? ALL my autounattend.xml are generated with the WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit) for German and Italian and works for my PCs without issues. Have a nice weekend and stay well.
  6. This way works without problems, I used it two weeks ago for Java8.311
  7. I receveid on december patch-day 5 updates for Office 2010 (H&B) dated 08.12.2020...... Even if EOS 13-Oct-2020
  8. You can download the Windows 7 HomePremium SP1 Spanish https://software-download.microsoft.com/pr/Win7_Pro_SP1_Spanish_x32.iso?t=21acfa5e-eb61-4a6c-8998-ef6ec3bdf256&e=1593705694&h=b2c897acf4955096bb8e25920c1c8227 and remove the ei.cfg from the ISO with WinToolkit. In this way you can chose the version düring the installation process.
  9. Hi everybody, I don't find the explanation, what does it means the color of the chek-mark in Win Toolkit. Can any of you help me? Thanks a lot.
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