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  1. I receveid on december patch-day 5 updates for Office 2010 (H&B) dated 08.12.2020...... Even if EOS 13-Oct-2020
  2. You can download the Windows 7 HomePremium SP1 Spanish https://software-download.microsoft.com/pr/Win7_Pro_SP1_Spanish_x32.iso?t=21acfa5e-eb61-4a6c-8998-ef6ec3bdf256&e=1593705694&h=b2c897acf4955096bb8e25920c1c8227 and remove the ei.cfg from the ISO with WinToolkit. In this way you can chose the version düring the installation process.
  3. Hi everybody, I don't find the explanation, what does it means the color of the chek-mark in Win Toolkit. Can any of you help me? Thanks a lot.
  4. No updates for years and now two in a week..... Version has been released: Virtual CloneDrive
  5. The certificate is still the old one....
  6. Hi mooms, sorry for bringing up this old thread, but Elaborate Bytes did release a new version of VirtualCloneDrive VCD I updated my repack and just tested it on Windows 10 (VM): it works without problems. The only thing that seems not to work, but at the same time, seems not to be important anymore, is the certificate: it has expired in november 2015, but during installation now has not been complained or rejected. Have a nice week.
  7. Hi mooms, I think the issue is the OS you are using to build an ISO for Win7! Try now with the realeased version, I didn't test it yet. Have a nice weekend.
  8. I can confirm it! I wanted to archive all my Win7 stuff and I had to use version
  9. Version released. Download on first post. * FIX: Enable Legacy .NET Framework [Win 8/10]
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