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  1. Attached are charts of conventional charts vs ssd vs ram drive . Ram drive wins hands down ,even twin ocz vertex 4 ssd striped on raid 0 using sata 3 (6Gb/s) dont even come close. correction web site isnt letting me upload any thing so heres the figures: Conventional drive read speed =112Mb/s approx, SSD read speed =477Mb/s approx, ram drive read speed =5766Mb/s approx Found these test figures online but from my own tests i can confirm a ram drive beats everything. Thats why using a ram drive as fast cache for hard drive is so efective.
  2. I had alternative thought on the subject of using a ram drive. Instead of mounting wim to ram drive how about an option to prefetch to ram drive. Ie: after selecting AIO integrater and the selected wim is mounted ,have a prefetch to ram drive option . When that option is selected wintoolkit then creates 1-2Gb ram drive straight away, From then any item (updates drivers addons etc)that is added for integrating imediately gets copied to ram drive . Clicking the button to start integrating win toolkit integrates from the ram drive instead of from the original location. This would still be faster than integrating files from the hard drive too the mounted wim on the hard drive. This is exactly how hybrid drives works,and also Fancy cache software does the some for any drive . So i know this would be anouther option that would reduce integrating time when handling a large number of updates etc. Also if the end user is mounting the wim to a SSD (as i do)it would be even faster still. Is this possible to add to win toolkit??
  3. well im sure you can add the header when creating an exe ,but im not up with the latest languages programming wise to say exactly how. My way i have several dos executables and batch file that will add the header to an exe. I used to edit the batch file for each executable but these days im too lazy so i just rename it temporarily,paste into the folder with the batch file ,run the batch file,then rename the exe back to original I have had and been using these since about 1998 ish?? About 10 years or more ! Back when games often needed more ram than windows would allow and would then stall or crash to desktop as a result. You would be surprised how many modern games and software still dont have the >2Gb header, and people wonder why they randomly crash back to desktop. This is especially common with games and programs that are old but have been 'ported' into windows 7, (such as what Valve does for older games to run on steam.) I can confirm that wintoolkit now has the >2Gb header . Merry Christmas
  4. Received my key ,Thank you and merry christmas!
  5. The ram patch does make a difference even with games or programs that dont use much memory. It has to do with the way windows manages memory:Windows is god...any running prog'(without the >2Gb header) that needs more memory goes to windows 'cap in hand so to speak' please sir i need more ram. If windows denies or fails to respond in a timely manner the program will either stall or simply exit and you get dumped back to the desk top. However if the game or program has the >2Gb header windows takes a "hands off" approach allowing the program to use free ram as and when it requires. I realise that this is a gross oversimplification of the complicated negotions that go on between windows and running programs and how they utilize avaliable hardware,but when you boil it all down thats the simplist analogy i could think of .
  6. Just a quick suggestion, add to the wintoolkit.exe header "Application can handle large (>2GB) addresses". I add this to every program and game i have and have been doing this since before windows xp. On 32 bit OS programs without this header are blocked from using more than 2Gb of ram by windows (on xp a boot ini file is also required to work). on 64bit Os this header means windows lets the program use as much ram as it wants and i beleive will allow it to use up to 75% of avaliable ram as required. Already tested and attached a patched wintoolkit.exe and the required batch file etc to patch future versions of win toolkit.(and instructions). The results are no surprise to me wintoolkit becomes much faster loading and running and also more resposive overall.
  7. Yeah thats true , I have 32Gb of ram and can spare 20Gb for doing win toolkit integration. I just finished a new build ...4 versions of win7 X64 ...1584 updates ...152 addons... 54 tweaks...200+ drivers ...10 silent installs and a partridge in the pear tree lol. All up took 3Hrs 23 minutes ..way too long and still was only using 10Gb or so hard drive space while integrating. Although if its too much work to add as an option or pluggin to win toolkit fair enough. Cheers
  8. Cheers and merry christmas . Have added the switch to the shorcut for win toolkit on my desktop. Which just goes to show how often i use it,excellent utility and one that i would happily pay for if it wasnt free! Cheers
  9. 5 seconds is a life time lol, and yes i do know that and still what would it take or cost to avoid adfly???? This is why i posted , and how many people downloaded win toolkit this year? multiply a small % of them by $100 = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Thats why i am only suggesting that amount and awaiting replies and feedback such as yours. cheers
  10. Just fyi i dont have a ram disk setup as i dont use one often enough to need it, which is why i thought it would be a usefull option to build into win toolkit. And when you consider that pc's with large amounts of ram are mainstream these days , and yet hard drives are still the slowest part of a pc . So it would be a very pro-active move to build ram drive options into win toolkit. Dont you think?? apreciate any thoughts on this Cheers
  11. Ram is cheap these days and like many others i have more than i really need. So my thought is what about an option that we can tick that then causes win toolkit to use ram drive for mounting instead of the normal location. ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver "http://www.ltr-data.se/opencode.html/" is a free open Source program that supports creating ram drives on any windows including 7 & 8 32bit or 64bit. If this was then built into win toolkit you could set up comand line options to auto create ram drive of a preset size and assign drive letter, then win toolkit would proceed with the normal operations to the ram drive ie mount image integrate etc. Also users need a way to alter the default ram drive capacity to suit their availiable ram, Users need the option to choose what default drive letter is assigned, And also need the option whether the ram drive is deleted after saving the image is complted or when exiting win toolkit. I thought this would be great option to drastically reduce the time it takes when integrating lots of updates etc on multiple images due to how fast ram is compared to even a SSD or multiple SSD's on raid 0 as i am.
  12. As a veteran (20 yrs +) windows modder (WAIK,Nlite,Vlite,RT7lite etc),i have to say i love Win toolkit! Its easy to use ,advanced options make it very fast to update multiple Wims and integrate everything, very nice work Legolash. BUT i hate adfly ,as a habitual multitasker its the equivalent of driving down the motorway and having a brick wall drop in front of me! Now i understand you have costs to cover and that this excellent program is released free despite the many man hours of work that you put into it. So my suggestion is this : 1) Users who want adfly free version (me) make a donation via paypal (you decide what the minimum is). fyi i would happily pay $100 new zealand if it also included :a) future adfly free versions for umm maybe 1-2 years? each new version (including beta)get emailed to me with a change log. 2) You already have a donate option in win toolkit so giving an adfly free version to those who make a donation might be a good incentive for more users to donate. Any way thats my thoughts ,keep up the good work!
  13. RT7 Lite has an option to force unsigned driver integration,which i have found essential as most preinstall boot drivers are not signed (ie AHCI + Raid drivers). Any chance of adding this option to win7 toolkit ? It would be very helpful as integrating drivers into an AIO disk using RT7 lite is very time consuming . Thanks in advance love win7 toolkit
  14. Nothing standard is ever fast enough

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