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  1. Hi Rick, We know each casually from from other forums and I always appreciate your assistance... So to keep things simple as long as I am updating my SoLoR source files using W7T and I have the QFE/LDR option checked then I am good to go and only need to determine additions that I want to add? What about the other two files that automatically became self installers... is that normal and expected? The rest of your info is clear and I will experiment further before my next set of questions... THANKS
  2. I'm just now starting to experiment with this awesome program and even after reading the forum posts I am confused with a few issues so I hope to get some advice. I am trying to start slowly with just integrating Solor's updates including LDR and additions in an x64 enterprise version. I checked the LDR option and continue with the AIO I downloaded Solors x64 MSU hotfixes and when I add them with the AIO the following hotfixes flag an error and state that they will be automatically added as silent installs. Windows6.1-KB2533552-x64 Windows6.1-KB2603229-x64 Am I doing something wrong? I downlo
  3. Hi Rick, I am just wondering if their has been an update on this or if updates are suspended due to problems... as always thanks for everything!
  4. THANKS very much Kel... this was a great compromise for those of us that still wish to use it...
  5. I am wondering if you heard back from MrNxDmx regarding this?
  6. A sad day for sure and I wish to give my heart felt thanks for all MrNxDmX's work!!! Best of luck!!!!
  7. forgive my ignorance but I really don't understand your reply since the previous versions have always worked and I never had "Nero" installed only the InfoTool ... I have the same error on my new Dell laptop which I installed with version so I am wondering if I should uninstall and the
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