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  1. Is your system shutting down from an overtemp? I'm sure you know this but if you don't have a fan to replace right away take the 2nd CPU out rather than fry it....
  2. Rick you already know I'm working on the new KUC method and all is going well but in my test today I had an error with this installer. Basically I did the DISM KUC like you instructed and I tested that image which worked great. I then took that image and used WinToolKIt to add my SFX items, reg tweaks and some basic other items including running the cleanup scripts, remove old ie etc that I wrote about. All but 2 items worked... do these errors give you any idea what direction I should look at? I actually had 4 errors but only captured 2, the other parts of your installer did run with no err
  3. I started a post in the KUC thread: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/30670-KUC-a-utility-to-check-you-Windows-7-2008-R2-WMS-or-Win-embedded-update-status/page49?p=830732&viewfull=1#post830732
  4. I definitely agree that this seems to be the Holy Grail... The method I have been using actually works but its complicated and in my opinion is too difficult to maintain so I am now experimenting with a completely new method and will report back
  5. @Ricktendo After spending half the day or more experimenting with the new KUC method I realize this will be a bit more complicated than I thought and I have many questions and a bunch of errors. Since this is no longer just a question about the reboot issue I think I should ask any KUC questions in the proper KUC forum. If I continue with my original method I will use the poweroff.exe method for the 1st reboot since I can't figure out the error in the shutdown method. My thanks to everyone
  6. I am going try this today... thanks
  7. Trying to absorb what you described since its new to me... so if I understand your general idea... do my normal integration leaving out some of my RunOnce scripting and run the KUC to update the image. Then run the cleanup scripts and I get the same end result. Is that correct?
  8. That a very valid question... I always do an integration using WinToolKit and McRip's latest repo and I do the additional items as well based on need. Yet I have never ever been able to run the KUC after and have them agree, I always come up with lots of removes and updates. So based on that I attempt to create a know working image based on a period of time when everything seems to coincide including Windows Update. The integration I am working on now will actually be a slightly modified update that is from just before the last MS Tuesday release. Currently it all works with just a few excep
  9. Sorry for the delay work has been overwhelming... anyway here is the explanation of what I do in my integration: Overview: Basically what I do is use simple scripts and reg files to add multiple reboots and processes via RunOnce. The way I do it is by running a script that runs a process, then adds and RunOnce entry for the next process and ends the current running script by rebooting the system. So in other words my process looks like this: Use the finish command, which I have been having the problem with, to start the entire process and from (Section 8) add a RunOnce that after reboot c
  10. @Crashfly I actually think it has something to do with the timing of when this is run because I run the same basic cmd 6 additional times later in my install process and it runs fine. I will define my process later when I return from work. @Mr_Smartepants That's whats confuses me about this, I can run or call that same exact string, after an install is complete, and it always runs fine. I even use the same basic string throughout other steps in the install and they run fine. I am sure their is a logical reason for this but I simply can't figure it out... I will define this all better after w
  11. Well I ran it again and sure enough it gives the same 1 minute message
  12. I ran an initial test and the same 1 minute message happened.. I will run a new test today to make sure I didn't make a mistake
  13. Thanks I will try that today... very much appreciate the advice
  14. That's exactly the string I tried in my last test and that also failed... I had added all the T commands so I could have time to see what was happening but it didn't help. Now I am commenting out 1 by 1 some of the other items in the bat to see if something else is causing this. Thanks for the help PS- I have been working on this so long that I can't remember where I got the p:0:11 from... probably a thread I read somewhere but thanks for the clarification. The "/d p:0:11" parameter is not valid. Major:0, Minor:11 doesn't match anything in the below table. Just skip it. Microsoft Windo
  15. Trying it right now EDIT: Just completed and removing the /d items didn't work either
  16. I am testing a bunch of additional things now its just time consuming... I really only need the reboot which it does and it MUST last at least a full minute but 90 secs was safer
  17. Rick, I ran the installer on a live system with the /Y and it asked for a reboot:
  18. I don't get it... everything looks correct yet is still doesn't work properly... such a simple item yet so darn frustrating
  19. I will try that now... I did try a bunch of different things including use "-" instead of "/" and no luck... its driving me NUTS... and thanks for responding Rick
  20. When I do my SFX integration I actually call a "finish" cmd that I have in the image that performs a number of other tasks but I am banging my head against a wall because the very last step which is a simple shutdown reboot command doesn't work correctly... I constantly get "windows will shutdown in 1 minute" instead of what I set. If I run the shutdown string at a cmd prompt it runs fine. Can anyone shed some light on this??? :: ::- - - Section 1 - - - - Block Installations - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :: :: ::- - - Section 2 - - - - Install Programs - - - - - - -
  21. Wow it's been 2 months since Liam has made any comments here and even longer that that since any development... thankfully the latest version is relatively stable.
  22. Quick update... I did start to check this in a VM but I will have to get back to it because I am struggling with some of my other integration issues that I normally use. I didn't get pass the enter MS key portion so I really can't provide any valuable feedback yet. Thanks
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