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  1. I get this as well, quite often, so I assume this is yet again another general problem with IPB. Cheers and Regards
  2. Maybe he was looking for some kind of file that had SFX somewhere in the name? Cheers and Regards
  3. bphlpt

    Forums upgraded

    Sounds like a plan. I also had some mysterious problems recently that were happening when going to the settings page, and ONLY when going to the settings page, of all Chrome based browsers. But it wasn't a browser problem, Windows was throwing the error. I could never find out what the issue was, but a fresh install fixed the problem. Good luck! Cheers and Regards
  4. bphlpt

    Forums upgraded

    Thank you. That showed the problem exactly. (I do hate Data File Host. Chrome downloaded a 0 byte file, but Opera downloaded the file correctly.) Unfortunately, I still really can't duplicate the problem. I am also on Win 7 x64 (Ultimate), and I tried the exact steps you used with the exact same versions of the the exact same three browsers you used, all with no problems. FWIW, Firefox was the quickest in its page loading. I tried multiple times with each browser. I MIGHT have had a very slight hang one time with Chrome. The "Loading" did not stay visible, but the page was kind of grayed out. Refreshing the page made everything OK, and I could not make it happen again, trying many, many pages on the site. There was never the slightest hiccup with either IE or Firefox. Sorry. I'm afraid I don't know what's causing your problem. Cheers and Regards
  5. bphlpt

    Forums upgraded

    I still can't duplicate the behavior. Can you possibly record a screen capture video showing exactly the problem behavior in action? Cheers and Regards
  6. bphlpt

    Forums upgraded

    What OS do you use and have you tried different browsers? I can't duplicate your problem. Cheers and Regards
  7. bphlpt

    Forums upgraded

    LOL Not at all, my friend! I never said things are better than they were, I just said he made the best of what was available. You also made the best of what we had to work with re IPB. We all did. As far as I can tell, what has been improved was using a later PHP, which improved speeds a lot, for a while. Of course that also did break existing links to posts on the board, but that can be gotten around, once you realize that is what happened. I do wish there was some kind of script that can go through the board and fix all links that are still broken, but in the meantime I manually fix them when I run across them. Cheers and Regards
  8. bphlpt

    Forums upgraded

    Thank You! I don't hold out a lot of hope for IPB, but your improvements since you took over have made the best of what is available. Cheers and Regards
  9. @nonspin, The tone in your post is uncalled for. While your point that it would always be better to use paths such as %windir% rather than absolute paths like "C:\Windows\" is valid, taking such an antagonistic tone will do nothing but get you banned if it continues. abbodi1406 is an extremely well respected member of this and many other technical forums and he has many abilities and a willingness to help others. Every application author, including MS I'm sure, has published product using absolute paths at one time or another. It would have been much better if you had merely asked whether there was a particular reason why absolute paths were used and whether it would be possible to rewrite the addon to use paths such as %windir% instead. In any case, I'm sure that abbodi1406 will respond when he sees these posts. Cheers and Regards
  10. bphlpt

    Hi dudes

    Sorry. stupid, stupid, stupid. Apparently not enough sleep these days. LOL Cheers and Regards
  11. bphlpt

    Hi dudes

    Welcome to WinCert! Cheers and Regards
  12. I assume you mean the images on the "More Info" page - http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/files/file/5-win-toolkit/? Liam will have to redo those links, unless someone else has copied them and can share? Cheers and Regards
  13. @pennsylvaniaron, Since it seems to have been verified that the method of creating an updated source works, at least for others, and there is something in your method that is causing your problems, then it seems to me that, at least temporarily, it might be better to abandon your current method and use one that works, such as that by Thiersee, instead of continuing to try to figure out why your method doesn't work. Once you have followed his method exactly, step-by-step and using the exact same source (except for language), addons, and tools, and so, hopefully, achieving the same successful result, including passing SFC, then you will be in a better position to compare the successful method to the one you want to use and see what the differences are and how best to modify things to get the results you want. Also, by trying to duplicate Thiersee's method exactly, then he will be in a better position to help you if you continue to get different results. Thiersee, Pink_Freud, and I all have updated systems that pass SFC and none of us have any trace of KB3136000 showing up, so we can't figure out where you are getting it from, regardless of how often it is mentioned as being a problem by others on the internet. Just my opinion. Good luck! Cheers and Regards
  14. No. The convenience roll-up is not SP2, there is no SP2, and it is very extremely doubtful that there ever will be an official SP2 released by MS. Cheers and Regards
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