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  1. ACPI A5 Patch same as we have for Windows 7 acpi.sys 6.0.6002.24312 (vistasp2_ldr_escrow.180308-1636) x86 From 84 C0 75 13 To 84 C0 90 90 From C0 59 59 7D To C0 59 90 90 x64 From 84 C0 75 1F To 84 C0 90 90 From 85 C0 78 2E To 85 C0 90 90
  2. Here you can find script and ported Generic USB3.x driver for 6.0. For ported drivers thanks to @daniel_k https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/tool-powis-powerful-windows-setup-v1-0-3.83558/page-2#post-1663664
  3. Thats sad. I would like to see patched ACPI for x64 too. Can you please create some kind of 6666 for x64 in same way as you did for x86?ACPI_LatestXP+5048_x64.7z According to this info I can only apply fix for 0xA5 (0x11, 0x08, ..., ...) _AMLILoadDDB. I cannot find now same places. A good start would be 6666 for x64. Can you please have a look on it? Or do you have some precreated file? I have attached latest 4099 ACPI for XP and 5048 from Longhorn. Windows XP/2003 support only ACPI 1.0b syntax, last generation bioses uses ACPI 2.0+ To support ACPI 2.0 syntax need replace acpi.sys and apply additional patches to avoid known BSODs : - 0xA5 (0x03, ..., C0140001, ...) missing ACPI 2.0 syntax, 99% solved, two solutions: 1) acpi.sys (v.5048, sha1:a09c0d9f6b5cb63192e2cebada56db38d3870b29) from Vista Beta/Longhorn v.5048 Pro: - Has most of ACPI 2.0 syntax opcodes - All integers are 64-bit regarding ACPI 2.0 specification Cons: - beta, compiled for next generation of windows - failed implementation of some internal data types, _ValidateArgTypes generate BSOD 0xA5(0x03, xxx, C0140008, yyy) Patches: - Add pointer to _atDataObj struct for QWord Opcode (_OpcodeTable start at .data:00039848, _atDataObj struct at .data:000397A8, missing pointer at .data:00039880, dont forget add additional relocs) 2) acpi.sys from Windows XP SP3 (v.5512->v.6666) with integrated acpi 2.0 syntax support Pro: - based on original v.5512, match binary/offsets Cons: - All integers are still 32-bit, any operations on 64-bit fields/variables will drop high part of QuadWord - 0xA5 (0x11, 0x08, ..., ...) unknow error in _AMLILoadDDB, probably fail after parsing DSDT/SSDT table, solved Patch (by diderius6): - Ignore status of _AMLILoadDDB in _ACPIInitializeDDB (v5512 jl short .text:00036214 => nop, nop) - 0xA5(0x03, ..., C0140008, ...) DSDT code have operation with unexpected type of arguments, partially solved This BSOD probably means some argument has datatype, allowed only in ACPI 2.0 v5512 & v5048 support only argument datatypes allowed in ACPI 1.0b specification Patch: - _ValidateArgTypes must always return "OK", even on realy wrong types (mov edi, 0xC0140008=>mov edi, 0x00000000 at head of _ValidateArgTypes) - 0xA5 (0x10006, ..., ..., ...), missing _DIS method for "PNP0C0F"s (PCI Interrupt Link Devices) in DSDT/SSDT table Patch (by daniel_k): - Skip looking for PNP0C0F in _DisableLinkNodesAsyncWorker, (v5512 call strstr, ..., jz .text:0001BBBD => jmp .text:0001BBBD )
  4. @Mov AX, 0xDEADDo you have PDB for ACPI 5048?
  5. It's bootmgr + BCD + legacy option NTLDR + boot.ini. I PMed you same Windows 8 based setup RC2 ISO on MDL. I don't know how, but when using Windows 8 as base, then can be installed ported drivers using Snappy Driver Installer without needs of -v:5.1 simulation switch. Or you can HEX edit bootmgr on Window 7 based ISO in ISO root. Replace 36 00 2E 00 31 with 36 00 2E 00 32. In my tests there are same symptoms in driver installation, so I think it's enough.
  6. I think he talking about deployed XP as we finally found whats wrong on his machine. And if it works without problem, then is connected with bootmgr file version
  7. XP2ESD questions are already answered on MDL. New image is ready too. I hope I can release new v1.6 soon. If anybody want to try RC2 ISO PM me here or on MDL
  8. Anybody tried this to boot XP in UEFI? https://github.com/maharmstone/quibble
  9. @infuscomus What about changing Major / Minor SubSystemVersion to 5.1? Have you tried it to see if it affect something in your USB controller?
  10. @infuscomus Do you remember how I can bypass BSOD 0xDEADBEEF in extender? This happends for me when I compiled it as XP target and using it under 2003. What line should I comment to bypass it please?
  11. Please continue here in original Win-Raid discussion
  12. Please continue here in original Win-Raid discussion. Thanks to WayBack machine - seems like many usefull informations are archived here! Also thanks for topic archive to @iyut! Download https://www.upload.ee/files/13683020/WinXP_2003_x32_on_modern_hardware.rar.html or https://www.mediafire.com/file/7cs86b216kfj2rt/WinXP_2003_x32_on_modern_hardware.rar/file
  13. This pack update Windows XP / 2003 TimeZones to latest ones that can be found in Windows 10 21H2 v10.0.19041.906 (WinBuild.160101.0800). This package is MultiLanguage and support all 24 languages. If you need you can install it on live system by extracting TimeZone.inf and install it using right click. Windows 10 TimeZones settings for Windows XP / 2003 - MultiLanguage Update (3 September 2021) SHA-1: ECBEC3D00E7F94AE5C33D75E20C67E0079049A61 Filesize: 92871 bytes (90 KiB) TIP: Use this pack after [REPACK] OnePiece XP Post-SP3 AIO International Update Packs FINAL v1.1.0 and [REPACK] OnePiece XP Embedded Post-SP3 International True AddOn v1.0.2 to fix TimeZones strings.
  14. Hi, yes with nLite or RVM. Both should works according to original packs. But it's only a extension pack to get FINAL XP after using standard OnePiece XP Post-SP3 AIO International Update Packs And you can use it on any editions. Also check TIP in UpdatePacks for integration into N editions
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