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  1. @George KingDo you have a slightly older version or a newer version of the generic USB 3 drivers for XP x86 and x64?
  2. MHF4/IPEX4/IPX4 would also be fine because I can buy U.FL adapters for it.
  3. Maybe I could use a USB adapter if it's small and can take an external antenna with a U.FL/IPX connector.
  4. Is this similar to the DW1550 where the driver from the A6210 would work on the DW1550?
  5. I don't own it yet, I'm just looking around for a WiFi adapter that fits the requirements I have. I found this driver below, I like it because it has both WiFi and Bluetooth drivers in one executable. http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/misc/wireless/WIFI_Win7_8_8-1_VER6322231_VER6312231_V6302231.zip
  6. I would like that. Is there anywhere official where I can get the driver, either archived or still existing? (I would have replied earlier, however the notification email went to spam)
  7. ExpressCard is basically PCIe x1. I think someone somewhere has made a PCIe to ExpressCard adapter at some point.
  8. I can't seem to find much of anything on this, all I can find are 802.11n cards or 802.11ac USB WiFi adapters. I'm interested in the DW1550 (aka BCM94352HMB), but I can't find much online about it, only drivers I can find are for 7+.
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