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  1. Sorry to bump such an old topic, but here's a script and instruction on this: How to integrate KB2533552, KB3046269 and KB3177467 in Win7 offline
  2. Figured out the original script I posted doesn't work. Fixed the first post and attachment with working version! Sorry about any inconvenience!
  3. Much less KB? I disagree. Updates like KB2603229 and KB4099950 (which WinToolkit downloads under the _NotAllowedOffline folder) integrate just fine via WinToolkit once this list of updates is installed. Can this list be done in one pass? Yeah, probably, as long as the ORDER of updates is maintained. I found it useful to use TCC/LE in my quest to find the updates and put them in the right order for WinToolkit to integrate them. Yes, I had to download quite a few updates myself, but it was well worth it. Btw, I've decided to share my success with KB2533552 with this community, so it is available here. Once installed via the script, KB3046269 is easy to install. KB3177467 takes a bit more work to correctly install so that more updates can be added to the WIM. I'll update the script I referenced earlier once I figure out how to do this with the script.
  4. Here is the script I wrote for direct-integration of KB2533552 into your Windows 7 install: @echo off set KB2533552=%1 :: Figure out where the mounted Windows install is: ::====================================================================== :step1 for /F "tokens=* USEBACKQ" %%F IN (`dism /get-mountedwiminfo | find "Mount Dir"`) DO (SET line=%%F) set "MOUNT_DIR=%line:* : =%" :: Extract the %temp%\KB2533552 package and patch it for DISM: ::====================================================================== :step2 mkdir "%temp%\KB2533552" expand -F:* "%KB2533552%" "%temp%\KB2533552"\ mkdir "%temp%\KB2533552\Unpacked" expand -F:* "%temp%\KB2533552\Windows6.1-KB2533552-x64.cab" "%temp%\KB2533552\Unpacked"\ copy "%temp%\KB2533552\Unpacked\update.mum" "%temp%\KB2533552\Unpacked\update.mum.bak" :: Use VBS to replace specific text inside of the "update.mum" file: ::====================================================================== :step3 echo Const ForReading = 1 > ""%temp%\replace.vbs"" echo Const ForWriting = 2 >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo. >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo strFileName = Wscript.Arguments(0) >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo strOldText = "exclusive=" + chr(34) + "true" + chr(34) +" allowedOffline=" + chr(34) + "false" + chr(34) >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo strNewText = "exclusive=" + chr(34) + "false" + chr(34) +" allowedOffline=" + chr(34) + "true" + chr(34) >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo. >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(strFileName, ForReading) >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo strText = objFile.ReadAll >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo objFile.Close >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo. >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo strNewText = Replace(strText, strOldText, strNewText) >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(strFileName, ForWriting) >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo objFile.Write strNewText 'WriteLine adds extra CR/LF >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" echo objFile.Close >> "%temp%\replace.vbs" cscript "%temp%\replace.vbs" "%temp%\KB2533552\Unpacked\update.mum" :: Integrate the patched version of %temp%\KB2533552 into Windows install: ::====================================================================== :step4 dism /Add-Package /Image:"%MOUNT_DIR%" /PackagePath:"%temp%\KB2533552\Unpacked" :: Now we need overwrite the modified "update.mum" with the original, so :: that KB2533552 doesn't show up under Windows Update anymore.... ::====================================================================== :step5 set SRC="%temp%\KB2533552\"Original\update.mum.bak set DST=%MOUNT_DIR%\Windows\servicing\Packages\Package_for_KB2533552~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ takeown /F "%DST%" /A icacls "%DST%" /grant Administrators:F copy "%SRC%" "%DST%" icacls "%DST%" /setowner "NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller" icacls "%DST%" /grant:r Administrators:RX In order to use this script, you must invoke the script with the filename of the KB2533552 MSU file you are trying to integrate as a parameter to the script. If it is not in the current directory (or calling direct from the Start Menu), you must also include the path to the MSU file. Once KB2533552 is installed, KB3046269 can be easily installed using DISM (or WinToolkit). The next patch, KB3177467, requires a bit more work to properly integrate, as described here (titled Issues After Integrating KB3177467): So I found this solution (titled KB3177467 Offline Integration Problem and Solution ), which requires the setacl tool (which can be downloaded from helgeklein.com). Other versions may be available, however, I'm not sure where they might be.... But you must integrate KB3177467 first before executing these commands: reg load HKLM\TempSoftware %MOUNT_DIR%\windows\system32\config\Software setacl -on "HKLM\TempSoftware\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\SessionsPending" -ot reg -actn setowner -ownr n:Administrators setacl -on "HKLM\TempSoftware\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\SessionsPending" -ot reg -actn ace -ace n:Administrators;p:full reg add "HKLM\TempSoftware\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\SessionsPending" /v Exclusive /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f reg unload HKLM\TempSoftware Obviously you have to replace %MOUNT_DIR% with your mount path. Hope this helps somebody! Let me know if it doesn't work for you and I'll try to fix it! Install_KB2533552.cmd
  5. I've solved my issue. Started over and integrated everything BUT those updates, and placed those updates in the Silent Installs list. Booted up my VM with my homebrew image, and YES, no updates!!! UPDATE: Tried again, same updates show up.... So sad... UPDATE2: Turns out Windows Update needed to check for updates after install. Once the check completed, only 2 updates remained: kb2985461 and the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.... Very happy! Hope this information helps someone!
  6. Attempt # 2 to get the links right.... Somehow they reverted....
  7. There is also this addon: Strongly suggest you read the first post, though.... Notes from that post: Personally, I'm adding a repacked slim installer for .NET Framework 4.7.1, which can be found here: http://repacks.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7 I added it to the silent installers and it seems to work just fine for me. It's not directly integrated, but it also doesn't seem to take forever to install on the system.... I can also avoid the #1 note that I quoted, in order to make adding more updates easier for me....
  8. I am having trouble integrating the KB3035126, KB3078601, KB3110329 and KB2834140 updates into my copy of Windows 7. I have tried removing them from the list of integrated updates via DISM and put them in SVCPACK (or whatever it's called in WinToolkit), but they persist in requesting to be downloaded by Windows Update. I need some help, or at least some ideas on how to deal with it (aside from letting the user download them). Thanks in advance!
  9. @aquilotto Sorry about that! The links should work now!
  10. As the topic title states, anybody know where I can find an older version of the program? Specifically version Thanks in advance!
  11. I have taken the SpyBot Search and Destroy 1.6.2 addon by *Reaper* and have updated it with the files as of April 2nd, 2018. x64 Version File Link: Dougiefresh.Spybot.Search.And.Destroy.1.6.2.x64.WA File Size: 25.6 MB (26,932,610 bytes) CRC32: D28F001E MD5: FA69AA7FB5255EBF473669E671CF03AC SHA-1: EAA7C9C95A6C238EAF0EFA61FA80ABA0D5291744 x86 Version File Link: Dougiefresh.Spybot.Search.And.Destroy.1.6.2.x86.WA File Size: 25.6 MB (26,936,044 bytes) CRC32: 366E6317 MD5: D2F18754891BDD2133C43B6A2307588D SHA-1: 7FFCF610DD6E3285100E03EF5BA6560B466C8AD6
  12. This is a reupload of the Microsoft Tinker (6.0.6000.16748_x64) addon by *Reaper*. x64 Version File Link: Reapers_Microsoft_Tinker_6.0.6000.16748_x64_Windows7_AddOn.WA File Size: 68.8 MB (72,149,797 bytes) CRC32: 11FCA189 MD5: B3FBD331CB72F21B21CB3D282038DBAD SHA-1: 26B9EE447D7DBAD0DC1A834B3718371B2733B7F0 x86 Version File Link: Reapers_Microsoft_Tinker_6.0.6000.16748_x86_Windows7_AddOn.WA File Size: 68.7 MB (72,141,540 bytes) CRC32: AC764098 MD5: B6CF29477C169E6ECC1E3C9A22374F75 SHA-1: 005D36F4DA4B4EB33B03B2CF875119A41431C9A6
  13. This is a reupload of Microsoft Inkball (v1.7.2600.2180) addon by *Reaper*. x64 Version File Link: Reapers_Microsoft_Inkball_1.7.2600.2180_x64_Windows7_AddOn.WA File Size: 358 KB (366,801 bytes) CRC32: 43137FCA MD5: 2275ACF0361081CB2030F97E7DFB3378 SHA-1: F939DC3CBB4A4E01C59A8B005F508EFB1FCAE2BA x86 Version File Link: Reapers_Microsoft_Inkball_1.7.2600.2180_x86_Windows7_AddOn.WA File Size: 12.7 MB (13,333,244 bytes) CRC32: 78F4E2CB MD5: C764F9821B097995B3BA8378E031D006 SHA-1: 79D79A93077979D52FEBAC3F3D6ADA734C45A91B
  14. This is a reupload of the Microsoft Hold'Em (v6.0.6000.17034) addon by *Reaper*. x64 Version File Link: Reapers_Microsoft_HoldEm_6.0.6000.17034_x64_Windows7_AddOn.WA File Size: 11.5 MB (12,119,405 bytes) CRC32: 47DAB1FA MD5: 8D663C59DE80C91204DEB90711D17E9A SHA-1: 98A4518D5E893A7CF30C016759CB23F281C7D22B x86 Version File Link: Reapers_Microsoft_HoldEm_6.0.6000.17034_x86_Windows7_AddOn.WA File Size: 12.7 MB (13,333,244 bytes) CRC32: 78F4E2CB MD5: C764F9821B097995B3BA8378E031D006 SHA-1: 79D79A93077979D52FEBAC3F3D6ADA734C45A91B
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