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  1. I have not tried since I only use 2003x86/64 for testing to see if a problem is with x64 vs x86 or with NT5.1 vs NT5.2. Is there a server 2003x86 update pack with all latest post SP2 updates?
  2. "Installed INF does not contain digital signature" warning I got this warning after integrating the USB3 drivers. You will need to patch syssetup.dll file to get rid of it. Original patch is from @ Mattiwatti. I updated the x64 patch to match the one found in the 2019 updates. x86 syssetup.dll 5.1.2600.5512 @33bfe 8B F8 3B FE 75 20 -> 31 C0 31 FF 90 90 @33da6 8B F0 85 F6 75 17 -> 31 C0 31 F6 90 90 @35535 0F 84 9F 00 00 00 -> E9 A0 00 00 00 90 @37f03 3B C6 -> 31 C0 @37f0b 75 3E -> 90 90 x64 syssetup.dll 5.2.3790.4226 @423dc 75 4C 0F B6 0D 8C A2 08 00 -> 90 90 31 C9 90 90 90 90 90 @42431 75 4C 0F B6 0D 36 A2 08 00 -> 90 90 31 C9 90 90 90 90 90 @424cb 0F 85 D5 00 00 00 -> E9 D6 00 00 00 90 @425a6 40 8A 74 24 30 -> 31 F6 90 90 90 @3fe50 85 DB 0F 84 E3 00 00 00 -> 31 DB E9 E4 00 00 00 90 @41d2b 85 C0 8B F8 75 25 -> 31 C0 8B F8 90 90 @41fb6 85 C0 8B D8 75 1C -> 31 C0 8B D8 90 90 @4204b 0F 84 84 03 00 00 -> E9 85 03 00 00 90 @46bf9 85 C0 8B D8 75 47 -> 31 C0 8B D8 90 90 @571ab 0F 85 DB 00 00 00 -> E9 DC 00 00 00 90 @5728c 40 8A 74 24 40 -> 31 F6 90 90 90 @7204b 85 C0 75 1F -> 31 C0 90 90 @78a22 75 61 0F B6 0D 46 3C 05 00 -> E9 B9 00 00 00 90 90 90 90
  3. @AndaluYes, my uasp restart issue is fixed with the test1 driver. Coexistence \Device\UaspPort is already changed in the stor_uas from test1. Only cosmetic issue remain is that stor_ua8->stor_uas->storport somewhere. So test1 driver is not fully "self contained", but still works. Uasp via stor_ua8 uses the patched stor_uas and since both XP/XP64 both need storport for ahci/nvme drivers, the two imports that stor_uas asks from storport exist. Would be cleaner if we could get that last storport dependency removed from stor_uas/stor_uas8.
  4. USB Attached SCSI (UASP) When using the AMD USB drivers for the motherboard with a UASP capable device it defaults to using the default USB Mass Storage Device (usbstor), same as a standard USB stick. With the backported Win8 drivers it's different. If you do not have a UASP driver installed (USB\Class_08&SubClass_06&Prot_62) then it will not find a driver by default. You can force install by manually selecting Universal Serial Bus Controllers - USB Mass Storage Device, or install a uasp driver. Note that some motherboards may have a deadlock issue when using the uasp driver during reboots with the USB adapter still connected. If you select Safe Remove, reboot works fine, otherwise it doesn't finish the reboot. You will need to use a deadlock patched version of the driver if thats the case. The following test is with a JMicron USB to PCIE adapter, VID152D PID0583 and a XG5 256GB NVMe. The Gen2 port on the B450 chipset and the Gen1 port on the B450 and on the Ryzen2. Drivers are the default XP usbstor 5.2.3790.5829, VIA uasp 6.1.7600.4002, and win8 uaspstor 6.2.9200.16384.
  5. It's nothing special. There was a win7 update a few months ago that had newer version for a couple of files. storport is 2kb bigger now. I updated the readme on github, I dont think its merged yet. https://github.com/pappyN4/NTOSKRNL_Emu/blob/master/README.md https://ufile.io/s8cp2lko
  6. @canonkongGood to know. I tested daniel_k's usb3/uaspstor on Windows 7 and it worked fine at least on there. @Andalu Thanks for the testing. I havent tried the Etron, I have tried the VIA one from GeorgeKing drivers pack and from the Integral ISO. It works, but is slower. The Win8uasptor is super fast. MovAX sent me a copy of the 2003/w8_storport versions he had. Restart worked fine with both of those, but as soon as I put back the one using w7_storport restart stopped again. Must be something with my motherboard. I patched the deadlock on the win7_storport using the 2003 method from MovAX. It is not "pretty", since uaspstor needs the storpor8.sys extended function then the w7_storport. So two extra files for uasp driver to keep storports separate, but it does reboot now. Ideal would be to use w8_storport, but looking at it, it is not a simple thing, I would not be able to make one for x64 or update the Emu_extender readme to make it accessible for anyone to make. Here's x86 version using w7_storport. https://ufile.io/u28mfr1v There is still one little change left to make to make it completely self contained. Right now it looks to me that the renamed stor_uas still has contact with the original storport.sys somewhere. Need to figure out how to change that. It's probably simple but I'm too tired to see it now. Maybe @Mov AX, 0xDEAD can take a quick look? Or if you see a simpler way to do uasp/storpor8/w7_storport ?
  7. Thanks. Just for clarity, the PS2 keyboard is only used when installing windows (at least until i figure out how to integrate win8 usb into DOSNET/HIVESYS/etc...) While I was testing the adapter, keyboard was USB, no PS2 port was being used. Did you use the adapter in another computer without the PS2 issue and it works? Same win7_storport, ntoskrn8,usbd8,storpor8 combination?
  8. @Andalu JMicron, VID152D PID0583. JMS583Gen 2 to PCIe Gen3x2 Bridge
  9. I bought a USB to NVME adapter to test out uasp. Can anyone confirm if win8_uaspstor+win7storport doesnt need any special fixes? I gave it a few crystaldiskmark tests and it seems ok to me. storport 6.1.7601.25735, uaspstor 6.2.9200.16384, with uasp security_cookie changed, patched to ntoskrn8,usbd8,storpor8, and wpprecorder. thanks edit: I did find one quirk. With usbstor, or the VIAuasp, restart/shutdown works normally. But with uaspstor from win8 I have to do "Safe remove" to be able to restart normally. If I dont, then Windows goes through all the login off steps, screen goes black, but stops right before the reboot. This is very similar to the restart issue when a PS2 keyboard is attached to the mobo, so might just be a quirk with my Gigabyte...
  10. @George King If you want to test I can send it to you. I have not tested myself.
  11. Samsung NVMe and SMART with CrystalDiskInfo The samsung nvme driver is able to display SMART data in XP/Win7. To get CrystalDiskInfo to work instead of crashing when you start it in XP/XP64 you will have stop it from using WMI. Open DiskInfo32 or DiskInfo64 with a hex editor, find where "\ \ . \ r o o t \ c i m v 2" is and change it to something like "\ \ . \ r o o t \ n o w m i". Tested on version 8.15.2 630069006D00760032 -> 6E006F0077006D0069 Samsung NVMe potential issues When I installed the latest nvidia 368.81 driver it caused the Samsung to stop working on XP64. @Andalu tested the same drivers on an Intel B250/GT730 and worked fine. After playing around with it, installing nvidia 355.98 appears to work/coexist with the Samsung NVMe driver on XP64. I've only tested on a GT710 so far but hopefully same result for my GTX750. Something to keep in mind if you have a amd/B450/gigabyte combo. On XP32 the Samsung driver did not work (code10), using the default non patched, or with the PAE patch /4GB. It did however work when PAE patched using /128GB or /all. Both with 355.98 and 368.81 Trim tests O&O Defrag 17.5 is the best from all the ones I tested. Works on SATA and NVMe SSDs. AMD/Samsung/nativeWin7 drivers were all able to TRIM. Can be run from CMD line so you can schedule it if you want. NVMe Trim ADataSSDToolbox doesnt see (Win7/samsung/SchtromOFA13 driver) TxBENCH see but no trim (Win7/samsung/SchtromOFA13 driver) SSDTool 0.95 see but trim didnt work (../../samsung) Naraeon5.4.0 win7 no see, SchtromOFA13 trim didnt work, samsung TRIM WORKS O&O Defrag 17.5 win7 TRIM WORKS, SchtromOFA13 see but no trim, samsung TRIM WORKS SSD Trim Naraeon5.4.0 AMD yes, Win7msahci yes, SchromAHCI no see, Win8ahci no see O&O Defrag 17.5 AMD yes, Win7msahci yes, SchromAHCI no trim, Win8ahci no trim used trimcheck0.7 to see if it worked (https://github.com/CyberShadow/trimcheck) *trimcheck x64 works also if Major/Minor changed from 6,0 *Naraeon has a "not a valid date and time error", doesnt affect functionality *O&O can be run from CMD line, needed to change Major/Minor from 6,0 down to 5,2 (or 5,1) to install Nvidia GPU driver & custom resolution Based on a few posts i found, Nvidia 355.98 is that last version where you can add custom resolution if for example you have a ultrawide screen or 4k monitor that you want to use. It looks like XP is limited to displayport HBR1 (8.64 Gbit/s). There is a bit of other stuff as well but roughly, horizontal pixels × vertical pixels × (3 × bits per color channel) × refresh rate in Hertz = Bits per second. Calculator https://tomverbeure.github.io/video_timings_calculator Ex: 2560 × 1600 × (3 × × 75 = 5898240000 bits/s / 1024³ = 6.86 Gbit/s 3840 x 2160 x (3 x x 40 = 7962624000 bits/s / 1024³ = 7.41 Gbit/s https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=72471 http://wp.xin.at/archives/5616
  12. @Andalu Glad that it works for you. Unfortunately for me, when I install nvidia 368.81 video card drivers the samsung nvme driver stops working with code10 on my B450 motherboard. If the video driver is not installed then it works fine. Win7nvme works, but that driver does not have SMART. Tried changing PCIe Gen version and PCIe Bifurcation settings in BIOS no luck. Older win7 23403 storport with MSI only patch or newest 25735 with MSI/smart patch still no good. Even tried older samsung driver, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, and Does not look like there is IRQ conflict or memory range overlap. Update: Got it to work when using a PAE 128GB or /all patched version. With no PAE patch, or PAE 4GB is when it does not work.
  13. @Dietmar@Mov AX, 0xDEAD Thanks. I wanted to test a win8 driver/storport to see if it had same problem I was having with win7 backport. I updated the readme with newer version and some missing patches. https://github.com/pappyN4/NTOSKRNL_Emu/blob/master/README.md I did not add uaspstor as I do not have anything to test it with, not sure if it works when using win7_storport or storpor8.
  14. catching up on TRIM in the deleted thread... Is there a backport win8 storport? Or is it just the storpor8.sys that was being discussed? NTOSKRNL_Emu has missing dependencies with win8 storport.
  15. @Andalu Crystal Disk Info modded to stop WMI from loading. https://ufile.io/16asy5na I tried both 32 and 64bit version on my XP64. Both worked with my samsung nvme (didnt load NVMe size like for SSD/HDD but that info should be in the model names anyway). Now for the real question. Has anyone tried to use the samsung NVMe driver with a not samsung nvme? I only have the one so I cant test but I would be interested to see if the driver would work and pass through SMART for other manufactures. I tested the generic driver inf for samsung originally posted by Fernando and it worked for my samsung. Here's the same one for x86. (I leave it to you guys to mod the secnvme for x86).
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