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  1. Sorry...Yes, you will find SetProductKey on the new link below: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1qcerkkitp7rwhj/SetProductKey.rar Regards *Edit: signature updated
  2. @Sh0cker Thank you very much, but the link from this topic doesn't work (please remember and donate!) and gives an error. However we can use the button donate from the link below: http://www.wpiw.net/index.html Merry Christmas
  3. However I have a trouble integrating updates for IE11 prerequisite: KB2670838-x86.msu (integration successful but the progress bar close at 99,9%) KB2726535-x86.msu (integration successful but the progress bar close at 99,6%) Have somebody an idea? Thanks
  4. Yes, you are right, we need to remove the two options: <ShowMenuBar>true</ShowMenuBar><IEWelcomeMsg>false</IEWelcomeMsg> //remove manuallyThanks
  5. To avoid error using Autounattend.xml file with IE11 integrated, we need to remove, if exists, inside <settings pass="specialize"> : <ShowMenuBar>true</ShowMenuBar> (or maybe changing the value to false [but not tested]) Regards
  6. Inside Bios we need to Enable: Virtualization Technology Cheers
  7. OK! I understand. Yes, this can be done. However it's not a good idea, because if the user removes unwanted images (Starter, HomePremium), the index number is not the same for the images! Removing images index numbers change. *Edit: To save time, we can disable internet connection and Antivirus! More code can be added for a full install.wim with all images. But each image must be mounted and unmounted. However, at this time, I'm busy to improve WPI. Thanks and regards
  8. Thanks! Yes it's possible to add more code, like: remove unwanted images, compress images (install.wim and boot.wim) ! But I'm not a coder ! Let us know your ideas!
  9. If you read my examples Inside SetProductKey.rar, you will see it's not needed to add those values after you have integrated all default keys!
  10. You can download SetProductKey.rar on my signature below. Look at Unattend-Examples folder. We can use only one Autounattend.xml file and integrate first all default keys inside all images (x86 and amd64).
  11. Everything- released Thanks and regards
  12. Thanks, but why have you changed your title's thread ?
  13. Everything Beta for Windows released ! Thanks and regards
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