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  1. Didn't quite get what you meant by that, care yo explain further?
  2. yeah, Virtual Box says I should hange the VT-x in the bios. thanks.
  3. Hi, I want to copy some folders to the program files directory and create shortcuts for them in the taskbar(apps that don't require normal installation...) Is there a faster way to do that in WTK or should I use CMD commands? 'cause I noticed there's a "files" tab in the AIO Integrator and I was wondering if that's what it's meant for. thx.
  4. Hey reaper. I'm making a Win7 64 install, and I want to use firefox and not waterfox but when I add the addon it says "32 bit only...etc." what can i DO?
  5. Hi. I tried a few apps for virtual machines and I keep getting the same error when the windows installation is supposed to start: it says the pc is not 64 bit compatible(I'm running the 64 virtual machine software on a 64 win7).
  6. WAIK creates the autounattend.xml, how can I add these tweaks to the xml?
  7. Hi. I wanna some of the tweaks, like these: http://www.blackviper.com/2009/10/01/black-vipers-windows-7-super-tweaks/ to my unattended install of Windows 7 what's the best way to do it? reg files? is there away to do this using WAIK ?
  8. That was a great tool in XP, does it work properly with W7 64bit? (Hope i'm not raising the dead with this post )
  9. So this and the J# F# Is all the destributables Ineed right?
  10. Hey, do I need to install the 4 version before I install this one?
  11. Sorry if this is the wrong place, maybe I should post in the WTK forum.
  12. Hi all. I was wondering about using Win ToolKit and the ADK/WAIK together. I'm liking what WinToolKit offers, and if I need any additional tweaks I can use a .cmd and registry lines, but the unattended options are not enough for me. From what I see after using the unattended wizard in WinToolKit is that it does changes to the files the same way WAIK does, so I was wondering can I use WTK for the most part and WAIK for the options I'm missing? or maybe it's best to use WAIK 1st and WTK 2nd?
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