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  1. The adf.ly link doesn't work on me anymore. Tried different proxies also and still can't get the link.
  2. Hi can you make the installer not to install language pack by using parameter? it's kinda hard for me to remove it manually every update thanks!
  3. http://technet.micro...y/hh825110.aspx New API that might speed up the process #define WIM_FLAG_MOUNT_FAST 0x00000400 #define WIM_FLAG_MOUNT_LEGACY 0x00000800 Dism command line options: http://technet.micro...y/hh825258.aspx Also Mr. Jinje creator of DISM Tool said here in the last comment. DISM is now able to remove files which is a really great feature! http://mikecel79.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/dism-gui-4-0-feature-requests/ Hi Mike, it’s MrJinje of MSFN.org, (I wrote the craptastic DISM Tool™ a few years ago) anyways, wanted to ask if you would add a treeview w/checkboxes control populated by the available features currently in the wim and offer us the ability to Remove multiple features via batch. The new /remove feature will supposedly strip the dll’s from the winsxs folder, actually reducing the size of the installation. Who needs vLite/7Lite when Windows 8 has the tools built-in. I was thinking of doing it myself but I found your app and maybe it’s easier for me to just give you the idea. Thanks!
  4. Hi, can you reupload english installer it's has been removed in mediafire thanks!
  5. How to repack it? it is safe to delete DNF1.1? Do i need 7zip SFX Stub and the config for stub? I also already forgot the command for repacking copy /b DNF.7z + stub.sfx + config.? If it need the stub can you please provide the stub and the configuration file thanks!
  6. any plans for en-US 2.0 - 3.5 SP1?
  7. can you make .NET2.0-3.5 installer, your 4.0 is fantastic!
  8. it can be remove or moved to other folder for backups winsxs is like symlinks in linux, DISM only removes soft copy but not the origin. that's why even you remove alot of components in it, the size of the iso are still the same.
  9. Hi, is there anyway to also remove the hard links with component removal? Like this tool does https://sites.google.com/site/winsxslite/ http://www.techk2.com/tutorial/winsxslite-first-application-to-address-winsxs-size-problem/
  10. is there anyway to integrate my own sets of updates instead of using SoLoR updates?
  11. why, I'm only seeing 4 packages available to be removed? I tried to delete and rebuild the image but still the same.
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