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Found 9 results

  1. I download windows 8.1 / 64 bit but when it comes to 3 GB it starts to throw off on the computer but as far as I know, 8.1 weighs 4.1 GB is a bug and it's ok that it sends 3 GB to the computer without downloading another 1 GB?
  2. Hello, everytime I start or close ISO Downloader v5-23 on Windows 8-1, I get DotNET v4-7-1 Exception. Also main program window is drawn incompletelly. v5-21 and older work fine. I didn't found v5-22. Images are attached below. Exception: Informace o vyvolání ladění JIT najdete na konci této zprávy, nikoli v tomto dialogovém okně. ************** Text výjimky ************** System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Nelze načíst soubor nebo sestavení PresentationFramework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35 nebo jeden z jejich závislých prvků. S
  3. Hello everybody, Today I will show you how to install Windows 8/8.1 on a PC without a CD/DVD/USB, directly onto the HDD, even without the installation wizard/setup ! [Fastest Method] Yesterday my new hard drive for my laptop arrived, and instead of cloning my existing disk, I decided to do a clean install of Windows 10. But I didnt have much time, cuz after installing windows 10, I had to copy my existing downloads, pictures, videos, install programs, etc. & I thought there must be some other way to easily install windows 10 without that installation wizard/setup. After some rese
  4. I have been trying to download a file from Texas Instruments and keep getting this message "The publisher of this program could not be verified" when I try to open or save. The file is from downloads.TI.com. Is there a way to bypass this error? I am not familiar with Windows 8.1 or IE 11 that well so any input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hola amigos! Siempre he tratado de ser un alumno que investiga, pero esta vez no pude más! y necesito una manita.. verán: Utilizo compilar imágenes de Windows desde su versión XP con el Update Pack Latino cuando aprendí gracias al amigo Ricktendo. De ahí brinqué tiempo después a Windows 7 y utilizaba RT7Lite para agregar además algunos tweaks, presiento que entre ellos habría alguno que decía "Correr siempre CMD cómo Administrador" así que en verdad nunca tuve anteriormente el problema que ahora estoy viviendo... Esta ocasión, quize compilar para Windows 8.1 así que comenzé por lo básico y
  6. Does anyone know for certain if the unattended files created by the Unattended Creator work for Windows 8/8.1 images?
  7. Create Java Silent_Installers Svcpack AddOn Update (16 October 2013) Update (16 October 2013) Update (16 October 2013) Update (16 October 2013) Update (16 October 2013) Update (16 October 2013) Hash MD5 EDB7CAA558669A72E8FF65DC8E1F133E Filesize: 753 KB (771655 bytes) With this script you can create java 6/7 x86 and x64 Svcpack Addons and it doesn't need to be updated (supports also Java 8 beta). After extracted Create_Java_SVCPACK_AddOn.cab file, copy in same directory jre-*-windows-*.exe files (you can place there any installer version you want, even all at once if you want ot build
  8. I'm a big fan of everything that gets achieved here, however I was running into an issue that I think will start popping up in a few places. There seems to now be 4 updates for Windows 8.1 that have LDR Updates (update-bf.mum) available; Normally LDR updates can be integrated using DISM by pointing to the extracted update-bf.mum. However I ran into some trouble attempting to integrate these updates using Add-WindowsPackage PowerShell Module. Considering PowerShell should provide most of the DISM functions i was curious if LDR Updates are possible with Add-WindowsPackage. Otherwise I yet
  9. Classic Shell 4.1.0 - Versión de 32bits - Versión de 64bits
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