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  1. New hosting provider? 1800uploads is not very kosher, lots of opprotunities to get spyware. Where can I donate, this download solution is driving me batty.
  2. I have substituted the DISM command-line in my script in the meantime, Im using a very simple IF statement that checks for update-bf.mum. When update-bf.mum is detected DISM is used and when its not detected it is installed from Add-WindowsPackage like a normal GDR package. Current LDR / GDR detection and installation ######## ------- INTEGRATE UPDATES - LDR/GDR -------- ########Get-Content $INI\$EDITION-UPDATES.INI | ForEach-Object {IF (Test-Path $UPDATES\$_\UPDATE-BF.MUM) { Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "Integrating LDR Update: $_"; DISM.EXE /$LANGUAGE /SCRATCHDIR:$SC
  3. This command line still works of course: ######## ------- INTEGRATE UPDATES - LDR -------- ########Get-Content $INI\$EDITION-UPDATES-LDR.INI | ForEach-Object {Invoke-Expression "Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow 'Integrating LDR Update: $_'; DISM.EXE /$LANGUAGE /SCRATCHDIR:$SCRATCH /LOGLEVEL:1 /LOGPATH:$LOGS\DISM-UPDATE-LDR.LOG /IMAGE:$MOUNT /NORESTART /ADD-PACKAGE /PACKAGEPATH:$UPDATES\$_\UPDATE-BF.MUM"}Thanks for listening so far, let me know if there is a method to complete this with Add-WindowsPackage
  4. Hello World, Just a tip for those whom might have ran into this. If you have ever had a corrupt DISM log. The Answer Change your log files text encoding to UTF-8Example of a corrupt log from an improper encoding. Powershell will by default create files in UCS-2 Little Endian Encoding so this may happen to you. [2764] ImageUnmarshallHandle: Reconstituting wim at Y:\ADK\SOURCES\WINDOWS-8.1.1-AMD64.WIM.[2764] ImageUnmarshallHandle: Reconstituting wim at Y:\ADK\SOURCES\WINDOWS-8.1.1-AMD64.WIM.믯㊿㄰ⴴ㘰ㄭ‶ㄱ㌺㨶〰‬牅潲⁲††††††††䥄䵓†䄠䥐›䥐㵄㜲㐶吠䑉㈽㔳′慐正条⁥慰桴渠敥獤琠敢⸠慣⁢牯⸠獭⁵楦敬ⴠ䐠獩䅭摤慐正条䥥瑮牥慮⡬牨〺㡸〰〷㔰⤷਍[2764] ImageUnmarshal
  5. I'm a big fan of everything that gets achieved here, however I was running into an issue that I think will start popping up in a few places. There seems to now be 4 updates for Windows 8.1 that have LDR Updates (update-bf.mum) available; Normally LDR updates can be integrated using DISM by pointing to the extracted update-bf.mum. However I ran into some trouble attempting to integrate these updates using Add-WindowsPackage PowerShell Module. Considering PowerShell should provide most of the DISM functions i was curious if LDR Updates are possible with Add-WindowsPackage. Otherwise I yet
  6. Indeed it does happen. In the meantime you can all play around with the new Windows 8.1 ADK. I got finished a couple PE builds to keep me busy at work. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/dn247001.aspx
  7. Windows6.2-KB2779444-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2727528-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2736693-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2737084-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2742614-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2742616-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2746119-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2750149-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2753842-v2-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2756872-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2756923-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2757638-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2758246-v2-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2761094-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2763342-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2764870-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2769034-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2769165-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2769166-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2769674-x64.msuWindows8-RT-KB2
  8. mkdir C:\SCRATCH\mkdir C:\OFFLINE\DISM /English /ScratchDir:C:\SCRATCH\ /Mount-WIM /WIMFile:C:\WIN8DVD\SOURCES\INSTALL.WIM /Index:1 /MountDir:C:\OFFLINE\DISM /English /ScratchDir:C:\SCRATCH\ /Image:C:\OFFLINE\ /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFX3 /Source:C:\WIN8DVD\SOURCES\SXS\DISM /English /ScratchDir:C:\SCRATCH\ /Unmount-WIM /MountDir:C:\OFFLINE\ /Commit These commands will enable NETFX35 on an offline windows installation by mounting the image with dism and integrating NETFX35 from the SXS directory on a Windows 8 DVD. The last command of course unmounts commits the changes. If you having
  9. I must agree with Ricktendo; However the status of the McRip servers really isn't an issue if you try something like KUC to get your updates. The McRip servers are awesome but I'm sure bandwidth and cost got out of hand quickly since there were so many people using them (some people over and over again I'm sure). WinToolKit is thriving, with a release less then a week ago it shows that Lego, Ricktendo and the WinToolKit community is doing really well.
  10. Thanks for the response. I seen some pkgmgr scripts elsewhere and was curious. I wrote some dism powershell scripts to do some of the same stuff for work a while back. WinToolKit is kindof a whole lot better.
  11. Just Curious; Does WinToolKit use Dism or Pkgmgr to integrate updates on Windows 8?
  12. Sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the items on your desktop. I have to concur with ianymaty and caphp. You will not find any malware or viruses in WinToolKit. I have experience with WinToolKit going back about six months and never really experienced any similar behavior. However I have played with a few configurations that leave the desktop items hidden. So please double check that your desktop items are showing by right clicking the desktop and selecting View > Show all Desktop Items. If your files did indeed get deleted for whatever reason you can try applicati
  13. The only time I had any issues with enabling .NET framework 3.5 with WintoolKit is when I attempted to use WinReducer as well. I've had really good luck enabling .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8. WinToolKit will enable .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 in the same way that dism would. When WinToolKit or DISM enables .net3.5 it pulls files from the Windows 8 DVD Source in the WIN8\sources\sxs folder so you might want to make sure that is copied correctly from the DVD with everything else. .NET Framework is enabled from the tweaks sections under the Windows 8 category in WinToolKit. http://
  14. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itproinstall/thread/fbb5f946-1ab0-49a3-bafc-d19f5845b54d The threads a little brief but mentions something on how display settings look in an autoattend for windows 7.
  15. I havn't seen this myself, i'll be running for a third full run today and will report if I have any problems. In the meantime maybe you can double check the normal stuff like .NET Framework 3.5 and if your running wintoolkit from xp or vista you will need the dism installer from the download area. Are you running WintoolKit from Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8? Maybe post of a copy of a your wintoolkit log files so we can take a look at the detail of the error.
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