WinToolKit Auto-Installing Obsolete Hotfix (KB976902) (X64) (v1.40.26)

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Hi Legolash,

I want to start by thanking you for this wonderful Tool! Amazing stuff!

Right, I just performed a test integration on a hotfix that is causing me some trouble, and noticed that WinToolKit installs 2 hotfixes each time it is used. I have noticed that it's installing KB976902, which is a pre-requisite for installing Service Pack 1.

However, after going to read the KB article, to verify what the Hotfix was, I noticed that it has been superseded by KB2533552. I advise that you should replace the built-in hotfix with this one, in the next build.

Also, is it right that WinToolKit should install this KB at all to an official SP1 image? I'm under the idea that this is only needed for people that are upgrading from RTM to SP1, not people that are using an official MS image with SP1 pre-integrated.

Also, I would like to ask what OEM0.inf and OEM1.inf are doing in the Driver Tab? It looks like the toolkit is just renaming the files, but I'd like to ask why?

Thanks in advance, and many thanks for all of your hardwork!

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Win Toolkit does NOT install this, it comes with your SP1 integrated disc because it needs to be installed prior to SP1

Need proof, look at the install date

Package_for_KB976902~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~                                                | Installed   | Update          | 11/20/2010 9:12 PM

BTW you CANT integrate KB2533552

Processing 1 of 1 - Package_for_KB2533552: The specified package cannot be added to an offline image.
Add this package to a running operating system using the /Online option.
Error: 0x800f082e

oem0/1.inf are the 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' drivers (virtual XPS printer) you can safely remove oem0.inf if you have SP1 integrated

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Thanks for the answers Ricktendo. I'm not an expert, and just thought that the report was telling me what the Toolkit had done to the image. :-)

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