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  1. carrotmadman6

    [AddOn] Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005

    Thanks a lot for the new release... I hope this new release will remove all bugs that was in the previous version... :-)
  2. carrotmadman6

    [Alky] Windows Sidebar Installer [August 1 2007]

    Great!!! The Sidebar works perfectly now!!! Thanks a lot!!!!
  3. carrotmadman6

    [Alky] Windows Sidebar Installer [August 1 2007]

    Ok... I've downloaded WLAN API & now Windows Sidebar is working. But none of the gadgets(except for a few) are working. When i'm adding a gadget, it says: A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug? Line: 299 Error: Library not registered. How can i make the gadgets work?? Thx
  4. carrotmadman6

    [Alky] Windows Sidebar Installer [August 1 2007]

    I'm getting the following error msg on startup: "Sorry. This application attempted to delay-load a library of function that does not exist. Instability may occur." After that Windows Sidebar crashes... I already had WMP 11 & IE7, so i downloaded .Net 3.0 & Vaioxp_b2r3.4_feb02 & installed them... What can be the prob?? I couldn't download WLAN Api. Thx