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    It happens again, showing in a pop up: "something went very wrong with your image and it can no longer be worked on".
  2. db_cert


    Hi: What is wrong here? WTK shows an error during compilation. Logs attached. Last Sessions.zip Gadgets_DonB-PC.ini Settings.txt Silent Installs_DonB-PC.ini Updates_DonB-PC.ini
  3. Read SoftwareDistributionList and have WinToolKit grap the needed updates from WTK FileList and checkmark them for inclusion into ISO.
  4. db_cert

    Update Manager (/Retriever/Checker)?

    Liam: I also wish to have an 'Update Reader' or Importer in WintoolKit version 2: 1. Retry failed update integration 2. Import 'Update List' from Users PC [softwareDistribution] to read Installed Updates and get them from your WinToolKit Updates (auto-checkmark what it finds and download it) for incorporating into an updated Windows DVD. Thanks, db_cert
  5. db_cert

    UpdateLists info

    Would anyone mind? Here is mine: Win7x64+SP1 Make an Update List: Win7x64+SP1. - db_CertWUL_DBocck.htm
  6. https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=f1c69e25e0d2390a See Pics. This takes a LONG Time. Over 3 Hours. It shows loading Registry then it processes too long. Help. I don't want to ditch this program as it has HUGE promiss. I am trying to do a Repair Install. My Win7 Pro x64 DVD shows the version of Windows is newer than the one i wish to install. Thanks, db_cert
  7. I cant upload shots; filesize 150K Give email address or something to attach files? 1. Photo shows: Loading Registry [WinToolKit AIO] Stqatus Barand some black x or ! in Updates Integation List? Thanks, Don
  8. Why do you run WinToolkit within VMWare Player? I run WinToolKit in VMWare because it is a generally cleaner OS environment than my Host OS (which has problems with some missing files and manifests in c:\windows\winsxs). Also I would need a screenshot as you haven't really specified what it hangs on or what you just did before it hangs I use a virgin OEM version of Win7x64 with updates provided by WH Downloader 0.10 with all Windows 7 x64 downloads for Home Users - nothing else. I start the Integration, it progesses then balks with a Warning Box saying something went wrong and there was no point to continue. This happens when a Language Pack is integrated). Only use English US here. Please answer the question on what the colored checkboxes mean, also. Thanks for helping, Don
  9. db_cert

    UpdateLists info

    Any way to have an Update List file for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 already integrated? Needed: Win7x32+SP1 and Win7x64+SP1 Thanks, db_cert
  10. I run WinToolKit in VMware Player 7 and have used WHDownloader to get all updates. When I setup all updates, gadgets, themes and Silent Installers all is okay...no load errors. During AIO use I have some updates with Green and Yellow Checkmarks, one is Black Using Portable Version and Win7 x64 +SP1 OS. X.Last Sessions.zipLogs.zipSettings.zip Third Try, No luck. Thanks for some help. Sincerely, Db_certdism.7z
  11. What is meant by the different colors of the checkmarks and X next to the AIO Updates Integrator? I get mostly Green ones, some Yellow and a few X marks during a run. WTK: OS: Win7x64 I also have an OEM version with SP1 Integrated. Will it harm my WTK run if I reintegrate the same prior updates as SP1 has? Would you please make an UPDATE List file for Win7x64SP1? Thanks, Don.
  12. db_cert

    UpdateLists info

    What do the the different color checkmarks mean? Green, Yellow? I get some (x) BASIC->Updates List My config: fGadgets=C:\Program Files (x86)\WinToolkit\Win 7 Desktop Stuff\Desktop Gadgets fSilents=C:\_DON SOFTWARE_\_DON INTERNET_\INTERNET1\BROWSER PLUGINS\ORACLE JAVA fThemes=C:\Program Files (x86)\WinToolkit\Win 7 Desktop Stuff\Desktop Theme Packs fUpdates=C:\Program Files (x86)\WinToolkit\Windows 7 SP1 x64 ENU sMountTemp=C:\Program Files (x86)\WinToolkit\WinToolkit_Mount sAddRunOnce=True sAICommands=True sAVScan=True sAIOSave=True sUpdFilter=True sAIOTIME=03m:14s sPreventSleep=True sCheckForUpdates=True sDLogging=True sDISMUpdate=True sFreeRAM=True sLastDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\WinToolkit\Windows 7 SP1 x64 ENU sLastWIM=C:\Program Files (x86)\WinToolkit\GRMCPRXFREO_EN_DVD\SOURCES\install.wim sPLastWIM=C:\Program Files (x86)\WinToolkit\GRMCPRXFREO_EN_DVD\SOURCES\install.wim|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A sDeleteMount=True smCheck=False sAIOPM=True sQuickMerge=True sFormSize=|frmUpdRetriever:803*400|frmAllInOne:1720*940|frmWIMManager:790*350 smVerify=False sSolDownload=C:\Program Files (x86)\WinToolkit\Updates\ sTransparency=100 sTransparencyAll=False sWinToolkitDISM=Normal sWinToolkitExt=Normal sWinToolkitPRI=Normal sUploadLogs=True sMountLog=True sShowWelcome=False sRegistryLog=False Thanks, Db_cert
  13. db_cert

    UpdateLists info

    I use Win7x64+SP1 Pro and need The Download List for it added in WinToolKit Please add Windows Updates Downloader as an alternate source for Windows Updates (*.msu and *.exe) files http://www.msfn.org/board/forum/147-windows-updates-downloader/ Thanks, db_cert
  14. db_cert

    UpdateLists info

    I have Win7x64 OEM English with SP1 Integated. Where is the Win 7x64 SP1 Download List in Windows Tool Kit AIO? I am using WinToolKit 1.53 Thanks, Don