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    This tool lets you remove built-in Windows packages from your image, for example Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center or Internet Explorer. The difference between this and vLite is that this tool uninstalls them the official way rather than remove files the downside is that the image does not shrink as much as just removing the files. It also lets you remove old updates.
    WARNING: Anything you remove using this tool can't be undone, it is permanent!

    Step 1: When you first open up this tool you will be asked to select the image you wish to work with. Click 'Browse' and select the install.wim you wish to work with and then either click on the item Windows version you want and press select or just double click.

    Once done, the image will start to mount and retrieve all available packages within the image, it will not show ones which have already been removed.
    Note: You may notice that this list has more than the list available in 'All-In-One Integrator', this is because in the AIO i have only included the basics, whilst Component Remover will include everything, including updates.
    Step 2: Select the items you want to remove
    Once all the items have been listed, you can select the components you wish to remove.
    Green: Safe to remove.
    Yellow: Unknown, be careful removing these
    Red:This will break something, something depends on this feature but it will hopefully say what it is.
    Step 3: Begin
    Once you have everything selected, you can now click 'Remove Components', once done it will rescan and shows you what's left in the image.
    Step 4: Save
    Once done, you can go ahead and close the tool, click 'Yes' and it will ask you if you want to save the image, i recommend you to 'Save & Rebuild', however if you are going to be working on more than one image then just rebuild once you're done with your last image.
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