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    This tools turns your folder with the Windows image in it, into a fully bootable ISO. As of v1.4.0.1 ISO Maker now supports UEFI as default.

    Step 1: Select the folder you wish you wish to make into an ISO.
    Press the first 'Browse' button.
    Step 2: Type in an ISO label.
    Step 3: Select where you want to save the new ISO.
    Press the second 'Browse' button.
    Option: Boot Image
    You can choose to add a custom boot image if required, i recommend you leave this at the default setting unless you are having issues.
    Option: Rebuild Image
    It is best to rebuild the image before it makes an ISO, this will decrease the size of your WIM image especially if you have made lots of changes and removed file.
    Step 4: Press 'Start'
    Once pressing start a black command prompt screen should appear with a progress indicator.
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