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  1. NOKIA PC Suite 7.0


    With Nokia PC Suite 7.0, you can

    * Create, edit, and send contacts and messages with a single easy-to-use application

    * Be informed of incoming calls and new messages received

    * Add new entries into your device calendar in the main window of Nokia PC Suite

    * Get Nokia Video Manager installed together with Nokia PC Suite


    Nokia Software Updater


    Can I update my Nokia device software?

    Use this tool to determine the software version currently installed on your Nokia device and to see if there’s a new version available.

    Find your current software version by entering *#0000# on your Nokia device's keypad. The version number will look similar to this:

    V 12.3.456

    Please write down the version number. You’ll need it to complete the next step.

    To find the latest available device software update, you need your device’s product code. The code is printed on the white label beneath the battery and will look similar to this:

    CODE: 0520001


    Thanks For everyone for helping me to create this

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