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  1. On 12/3/2013 at 2:00 AM, ericore said:

    The purpose of this guide is to help choose the components you remove wizely.

    You can skip this guide entirely and make informed decisions based on the good descriptions found here:



    Below I list the components which in the case of Windows 7 Professional lead to somewhat relevant reduction of disk space of the windows 7 installation.  If I state "saves no space", either this component is not in windows 7 professional or DISM does not remove physical files from the WIM; or its extremely irrelvant like under 1MB.


    In Accessories, I only recommend Table PC components (unless you have an x86 compatible tablet which are quite rare)

        -You could also pick gadgets, but the other components barely save any hard drive space at all.

    In Drivers, I recommend you select TV tuners (unless you are a TV tuner enthousiast)

        - Modem you need for dial up, fax and phones (not for mass storage obviously), you should save space if you uncheck

          others (your call, but I only recommend TV tuners

    In Language Packs, I recommend you select NOTHING as there is absolutely no hard disk space saved; next to none.

    In Multimedia, you should remove anything you don't want except photo experience. 

       Keep in mind some games/software use Windows Media Player, Windows Media Codec Pack, and Windows Media Enco.

    In Networking, I recommend you only remove Brandcache, Offline and telnet (mostly for privacy concerns), the rest save next to none disk space.  For security, either remove Remote Desktop and RemoteFX Client, or get the security updates for them.

    Internet Information Services:  I have no evidence that removing these services save any space.

    Mobile PC: Remove SideShow and ALS driver (unless you want to be tracked or can make use of sideshow)

    Printing: Remove nothing, saves barely any hard disk space, specifically Premium Tools and Scan management take close to 0 space.

    System: I recommend if you are going barebones, to remove HTML engine, indexing service (privacy), Microsoft Net Framework (most apps use 2.0 or 4.0 or greater, 3.5 slows system down and uses up disk space)

    VirtualPC: No disk space savings here again.  Even if you don't use VirtualPC or hyper V, why remove it?  Unless you think it can speed up boot, as those drivers are loaded upon every boot.  I leave it to you.

    Misc: No space savings

    Unknown: Remove group policy and mass storage service (not installed by default) about 15-20 MB saved.


    I did not make an error in mentioning any other component.  Components like Anytime Upgrade are either not available in my MSDN release or do not contribute any significant space savings under Win Toolkit. 


    If you want more information about Internet Information Services (IIS) on Windows 7, go here:




    Happy Modding.

    The main goal in my case is not save space in disk, but gaining performance!

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