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  1. Which one is better, this or Universal Share Downloader? Since you provide an addon for each, I'm having a hard time to settle for one. Ok, I could use them both but I want to keep clutter by redundant programmes a minimum...
  2. Hah, what a reason is that not to use a programme!? Anyway, I don't like WinRar's GUI... Hence, I prefer 7Zip's slick and simple one I guess we're about even then. But at least icons can be changed very quickly. Dunno if there's themes for WinRar (then again I still wouldn't use it since 7z is open source and free!)
  3. In that case, I strongly suggest you just use nLite to add this, just they way I did. Least chance of doing something wrong and you aren't missing out on something by not doing it manually, either Yes, and silently, due to the /s switch. I'm not sure if that is even possible (not that I know...). What would be the potential gain in this? I'm not sure how this would be affected by stuff such as sysprep, however, as long as you install from a simple disc, I think this method is sufficient. Just search the board for it, there's an O&O Defrag 10 AddOn and I took the reg file info all from that thread (thanks to Rick!). I just didn't want to rebuild the AddOn hence I applied the reg info that way. Also, using the method keeps things tidy when you use a lot of apps that require reg info, plus, you won't have to rebuild each and every pack as it gets updated, too. If you want/need the reg file (minus the "relevant" info, of course ), just raise a hand
  4. Wow, talking about making a great addon perfect! :thumb_yello:
  5. Alright folks, here it is. Upload took longer than expected, but w/e... http://www.esnips.com/doc/9089e3ad-af9b-4f...ddOn_NOD32_2.70 Hope you'll enjoy it! =)
  6. I know I'm a bit late but I didn't get around to testing it any sooner, unfortunately (I did two testing runs with that DVD on a real machine in the meantime but obviously that didn't help ). I am very pleased to say that it works absolutely flawlessly! Mouse interaction right out of setup (which is very nice). Didn't notice any problems with the language (all menu entries are still German and can't think of anything else that could be affected). So, once again, big thanks for that!
  7. Helmi


    Just wanted to report that I finally found a WinAmp AddOn pack, namely here: http://www.german-nlite.de/index.php?act=d...ls&f_id=235 Haven't tested it myself, yet, but I'm quite positive it will work fine (I know some other stuff made by the same guy so I'm confident ). I'm just not sure whether it is German-only or just optional. Will report back once I have tried!
  8. Alright then, I will try to upload it there now. Links to rfollow soon in case of success No, you will still have to make these (little) settings on first user logon, but it is absolutely silent during installation (this is what bother me mostly since I want it absolutely unattendedly). Still, you will have to check less options than during a regular, non-silent installation, so it's a gain in any case. I guess you could create an AutoIt AddOn that takes these steps from you but I am not bothered enough to care... That's great to hear! I have been wondering about you (somewhat expected a "hello, I'm there" post on the forums ) already Well, they do work as in a VM does not break them, however, seeing as there are no devices that require driver files from the official packs (as you mentioned, there's a 3rd Party one covering VMWare), you cannot test them in so far whether the driver installation really worked or not. VMs can be used to track down any errors with the Finisher, though (and, believe me, as a tester, there have been more than enough to really make the VM worth it!). In any case, you can always only test a specific driver in the pack on the proper HW, which does make it a bit difficult for us to add drivers properly if no one capable of testing has the device in his rig...
  9. No, you have to call that yourself. They assume you already have such a batch file with which you install other apps as well. You can either create a new one and have it called by GUIRunOnce or RunOnceExec (Google that) OR enter the last line into nLite (just as I showed you in the other thread about the reg file, remember?).
  10. No, it is for both, see the next page: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/49/ Yes, that is why I asked whether it still works on Office '07 or not, see? I don't have O2k7, yet, so I don't know. However, I would think the procedure may be similar, apart from the file names (same switches and all).
  11. Delete it?! Why don't you update it to June and let it stay?
  12. Have you checked whether this method still works on Office '07? http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/48/
  13. For NOD32 I already created my own AddOn, which works flawlessly. I am more than willing to share, however, I do not have any webspace of my own. I generally despise those "one-click hosters" such as Rapidshare because they are not really convenient... Anyway, what's a good place to upload it? It's ~11.7MB.
  14. If so, just like this. Just replace the path and file name with your own. Works like a charm for me
  15. Helmi


    Kewl, I'm gonna give that a try, then. Thx, Rick!
  16. Helmi


    So I searched the net high and low and actually did found some results in the official WA forum but these left me more confused than before... Apparently, the NSIS installer isn't very unattended-friendly, it seems. I'm thinking about doing the whole batch (WA itself, WA Essentials, my default settings and bookmarks and WA TV --> www.tv-plugin.com) in WPI, which is probabaly the least troublesome solution. Hence, it is not essential to have this as an nLite addon, however, it certainly would be nice (I already got MPC from the K-Lite pack as well as WMP11 so that ground is well-covered already but WA got the certain something those two lack). My first try was of medicore success, it was unattended for some settings, but not all, hence breaking my installation :/ If anyone got an idea on how to get this going while maintaining the ability to pre-select all the settings (i.e. do not register any filetypes, install all components) that would be great. The thing I am a bit reluctant to using WPI is because that would most likely require me to use a second DVD because I have so much stuff to fit on that... At leats until someone comes up with Dual-Layer DVD+RWs
  17. Oops, sorry, my bad! About every other programme uses the slash for parametres, just this one has to use the hyphen... Anyway, here's the official guide, just in case http://codecguide.com/silentinstall.htm True, but I figured, with an app such as this and countless of (important no doubt!) settings, you'd want to personalize it one way or the other. At least I know I do, and that's why I consider a pre-made installer not that optimal in this case. Anyway, just pointing out so you don't wonder why something may not work exactly as expected after all.
  18. Works for me but I have created my own pack anyway. Thing is, the pack posted is missing the QickTime Alternative installer (which was removed from the official pack). Also, as the pack features A LOT of options, it is better you create your own pack with your own settings (unless you happen to use the same ones as the pack creator). If you run the installer with the /makeunattended switch, it will guide you through the setup just as normal, however, instead of installing, it will write the proper switches to an INI. Then, you simply call the created BAT file and it will unattendedly install the pack with your favourite settings applied. Of course, you will have to make an addon pack from that, but I found it's a piece of cake if you use Cr
  19. You're welcome! Just please don'T shout at us anymore, will ya?
  20. I was going to write up a step-by-step guide on how to do this, however, halfway through I figured it would be easier for you to just attach the needed file for you Open this REg file with your favourite editor and replace the programme name as well as tzhe path with your own. Do mind the double back-slashes (\\)! Now copy it to your source. You can either use nLite to add it or call it manually by an entry in your winnt.SIF in the I386 dir of your source. The entry needs to be under [GuiRunOnce], if not present, create it at the end of the file. regedit /S %SOURCE%\TWEAKS\TheRegKeyYouWant.reg I'm not sure if this works 100% because of the %source% reference so you're on the save side using nLite. Just add the same line into the app. That should do it basically. HTH so far test.reg
  21. Check the settings for the programme, isn't there an option to toggle autostart? If not, you could quite easily copy a link to the EXE into the autostart folder of your start menu to achieve the same effect (or add it in your registry if you prefer). If added to the reg, you can simply export the key and implement it into your XPCD so it will be added on the first run.
  22. So, what now? Did you also integrate those two other addons along with the AiO or not? If so, then Rick is telling you to drop these as they are now superficial since you got the AiO pack. If not, then I don't know what's wrong here...
  23. Oh, not that error again! Got a handful of members over at DriverPacks that got this some time ago, but we were never able to find out why. Incidentally, it only seemd to happen to users using a non-English copy of XP. I think it could somehow have been related to the DPs, but we never got any hard proof (rebuilding the ISO with exactly the same settings and the error did not reappear - non-reproducable bugs are the hardest to trace). As I said, there never was a final solution, but then again it wasn't really needed as the problem disappeared for those that reported it, IIRC. Last update was it may have been something to do with the Big Endian encoding of winnt.SIF. Did you actually use the DPs already? If not then at least we can be sure it's not due to them. Anyway, I got your PM; I'd say wait until Monday for your approval, if not hit me again
  24. That fine! It's not that big a deal, after all
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