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  1. That's all very unfortunate; I'm sorry to hear! So far, from my observations, it worked for most people that tried it, however, there are always (mostly minor) problems. Ususally, folks repost them in the forum or our bugtracker so they can get sorted out. Too bad you weren't able to register! If you are still interested, pass me your email address and I will forward it to our Admin (I'm a Mod over there, btw). Then, you can tell us in detail about what didn't work for you. Also, please mind the new, English (old one is Dutch...) Tutorial you can find here: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=1449 (I think you can view it even when not registered). That should cover most of all issues methinks (I was involved in its creation)). We're using a utility called the BASE based on AutoIt scripting language to integrate the drivers into the source. There are two methods you can chose from, M1, where the drivers will get CABbed (though not included in drivers.CAB but separate files), allowing Windows to natively access them. This, however, greatly limits the amount of drivers you can include (Windows bug/limitation). Also, it will take up a lot of space on your source disc. M2 uses a fake setup in which 7-ZIPped files are being extratec to your HDD. That way you can make use of all DriverPacks; and it's also faster. After the basic driver files are copied (INFs, SYSs etc), the Finisher takes over and, well finishes the rest. Its tasks are installing Control Panels to the drivers installed (so you only get these which HW you have in your system) and cleaning up your system. You can also chose to Keep the Drivers which means that all driver files, currently used or not, are saved on your HDD. Windows is then made aware of this so when you install new HW (and detection the wizzard pops up), it will automatically be installed, provided the driver was already in one of the DPs. That's true Plug&Play, if you ask me You're most welcome Hopefully, that answered most of your questions so far. I'm afraid I will take this too far off-topic if I go on... :/ Hopefully, you will be able to sort out registration problems so we can continue this discussion on the dedicated boards!
  2. Hi, check out the link in my sig if you want to remedy at least that problem
  3. Well, if in doubt, I would first ask the creator about permission - not the site where you want to post them If they agree, or already did so by having a note on their page/app saying they even want this spread, then I think you are more than ok to go. As for credits, use the name that was given by the creator, do not rip any readmes or other notes from them and mention the creator in the post about it. I can't speak about specific rules applying to this forum, but that above is more or less the general consensus regarding posting/spreading anything on the net EDIT: Also, never disregard the useful stickies
  4. Thanks, I will give that a try, then. Unfortunately, I won't make it to testing your addon today :/ Still trying to get all AddOns updated (you figured I'm using not too few, I guess ). At least I took this as a chance to create a table for quicker reference. Still doesn't beat any auto-update feature but better than having to crawl through all of them each time I want to create a new UWXPCD...
  5. Wow, you're very quick! I will test ASAP, preferrably tonight (just in the process of checking for updates on all my other AddOns, will create the ISo afterwards) and report back then. A German pack would be nice, as I am using the German version of VPC, however, I do not mind mixed languages that much as long as it does work (which remains to be seen...) That said, I'm wondering in what the addon is language-dependand anyway, seeing as it does not seem to change any GUI entries or such... *shrugs* Thanks a bunch anyhow! One day I'll havw to sit down and get into creating my own AddOns, I guess
  6. Too slow, really? Personally, I couldn't find much of a performance difference between VPC and VMW, however, somehow I like VPC more. And yes, it does require a similar software to install the missing device drivers (sound, GFX, etc) as well as enable drag&drop from host to guest and mouse interaction. I'm currently uploading the files for you, if you need them EDIT: Here you are: http://3rdpartydriverpacks.thesneaky.com/w.../VMAdditions.7z MD5: 83908CF27C733760ACAB2B44B35D5CE4
  7. Any chance of getting something similar for MS's Virtual PC 2007?
  8. Unfortunately, they did, however, you can still get the stand-alone QuickTime Alternative pack: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Quick...te/1049831315/3 Wouldn't it be smarter to create an addon out of that and have it integrated before the Mega Pack? That's the way I install them manually (you will have to uninstall the older pack such as 2.1.5 when you want to install 2.2.5, so it would automatically get rid of QTA as well). Also true, but not as severe as the other. In fact, the (mine, at least ) favourite MPEG decoder, Cyberlink (is capable of GFX card HW acceleration) is still in the Mega Pack. And you can get the rest of them here: http://codecguide.com/download_other.htm#klmpeg Again, could be turned into another AddOn, I guess Oh, and before you'Re getting me wrong, I don't like the splitting off all this stuff, either. There's a reason why this pack is called MEGA and it used to contain ALL the stuff. If you want it slim, there are four other pack version available so I totally not understand their motives behind cutting it all out... :/
  9. If I'm already using a DT AddOn with an older version of this, do I integrate this before or afterwards? Also, using nLite to slipstream my AddOns, how do I tell it this (not manually editing the answering files, if possible)? That said, if this is too complicated, could I ask you to create a full pack using the latest DT in conjunction with this SPTD?
  10. Hey, what's an easy way to recompress the CAB? I suppose makecab would work, however, I wouldn't mind if it was somehow possible to add that feature to 7-Zip (which can by default only uncab, not recab :/). EDIT: Ok, and if I'm using makecab, how do I tell it to use all files in the current dir? Wildcards (*.* / *) do not work...
  11. It's Japanese, but I guess that doesn't help you much, either... And yes, it does look like quite a usefull tool but I can't figure it out (haven't tried "experimenting yet, though), either...
  12. Hey! I'm getting the same script error as tamilcheetas on the "old" version and this runtime one on the beta. Any news on this? So far, both versions are completely useles for me
  13. Hey, thanks for all these addons! I'm using about a handful of them, but I noticed that the following addons NeroCDSpeed Media Player Classic Sysinternals are being placed in C:\Program Files rather than %programfiles% which means they will not use the defualt program files folder on a non-English OS. Since I am running the German version, I'd like these to be placed in C:\Programme, something that could easily be reached if you used the system variable rather than a fixed path. The same goes for the start menu, however, that is not as critical bercause I can move those links easily without having to alter the path to the EXEs. It would be absolutely great if you could apply this little (I assume) change so all international users will profit from it =)
  14. Thanks, that was quick! So far, the beta versions of 7zip seem to work alright for me, haven't spotted any obvious bugs so far and the added features and speedup make it well worth
  15. Not only this one but almost all the others from you, too! Currently using some 20+ addons, I think, and I'm having a hard time deciding what I should actually still install with WPI
  16. And 7.05.2 is online already. http://driverpacks.mirror.thesneaky.com/BA...s_BASE_7052.exe Jeez, we guys are way too fast...
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