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  1. will u be done soon, i really want this addon, after i used this player, i don't really like windows media player
  2. can u make windows 7 bootscreen, but instead of gray can u make it blue
  3. is there a way to insert the registry after the windows loaded, i no you can do it by WPI, but is there another way
  4. Is it possible to have wpi on a cd by it self, so that once i finished with the xp cd i can put the wpi cd and select the apps which i want installed, if so please can someone tell me how it is done
  5. i tried regshot and made the registry for the association, but when i try tweaking by running it runonce it doesn't install all audio and media file types, only 2 or 3, but once the computer starts and i run the reg again all the file types are ticked
  6. thanks alot it works great, i don't have nkrnelmp, in my system32 it has nkrenlpa, is it ok if i use that
  7. Hi, i have made my mirc install with no problem by just copyin the fily to program files from the oem, but i was wondering if there is a way to make my settings all stay the same instead of me retypeing them on the first log on thank you
  8. yay, thanks for the tut. i'ma test it how and i'll let u no if i run into any problems thanks once again
  9. sorry i'm new at posting addons, a quick quesetion how would i get the md5
  10. Edited here is another addon which allows you to stream real meadia and quicktime media and also play all real and quicktime media file types without installing the full software. simple quick and no need for alot of space Real Player Alternative MD5 - E2EE819942DC521DE9189E48D5466BCF Size - 6.36 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?0nktyzya2yw QuickTime Alternative MD5 - F53DE11D879DB2E3BEA146EF789B14BF Size - 9.4MB http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wqjuzndyyt2
  11. i want to make one with vista blue sp3 bootscreen, is it possible to load it unattended so when u install windows that sfx bootscreen is in the start menu
  12. After i make the first shot and then modify my windows and take the 2nd shot. once compareing itt shows me all the registry the changed and been added is there a way to make the txt file which is gives to a registry file so i can use that at unatteded instead of manually makeing the txt file into reg
  13. can you please show me how to make a winrar sfx installer of bootscreen so i can repatch my bootscreen thank you so much
  14. Hi, here is an addon that contains flash for ie and firefox and shockwave plugins which will installed during t-13 without any problem http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mzhnzokzhng try it out
  15. can u make it witout the utorrent gadget and update the utorrent
  16. the rainlender installs properly and loads up without any error, but once i restart it gives me an error msg. "could not open user configiration file" please help
  17. wht can i do to fix the problem, its a slient install so where would the inf file be, wold i need to extract the file, the ini file located inside the silent installer looks like this ;*************************************************************** ;Adobe Installer External Configuration File: Abcpy.ini ;*************************************************************** ;*************************************************************** ;Main Section ;The (Product) key is a required key ;*************************************************************** [MAIN] Product=Adobe® Reader® 9 AbcpyVersion=9.0 ;*************************************************************** ;OEM Installation Options ;*************************************************************** [OEM Install] INSTALLDIR= ALLOW_LOCKDOWN_BROWSE=YES ALLOW_LOCKDOWN_MEDIA=YES ARPHELPLINK= ARPHELPTELEPHONE= ARPNOMODIFY= ;ARPNOMODIFY=YES disables the "Change" button in Add/Remove Programs ;*************************************************************** ;Launches - Set for any other applications you wish to launch ; 1. Define 1 or more custom section names -> MyLaunch ; 2. Enable your custom section(s) -> MyLaunch=YES ; 3. Set up your custom section: ; [MyLaunch] ; TYPE=EXE (Can be EXE or OTHER - default is OTHER) ; PROGRAM=C:\My.exe (can be null type is EXE and if included in commandline) ; COMMANDLINE= (add program arguments here) ; CHANGEDIR= (add working dir here) ; WAIT=YES (Can be YES or NO if type is EXE) ; PLATFORM= (Any delimited combination of the following: ; WIN_XP ; WIN_2K ; WIN_ME ; WIN_98 ; WIN_NT4 ; (delimiters: any printable char) ;*************************************************************** ;--Launch Objects [Launches] MyLaunch1=NO [MyLaunch1] TYPE= PROGRAM= COMMANDLINE= CHANGEDIR= WAIT= PLATFORM=
  18. Hi, i use the silent adobe reader 9. and it works fine with the installation and everything. but once all my runonce is finished i get an error saya advance install error or something like that, but when i take adobe off the runonce i don't get that error no more, can some one help me out please
  19. i used nlite addon maker for this addon, it works perfect, without any error feel free to try it out http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?uio1ozltrzy List of my other addon (tell me which one and i will post it) all works fine Perfectdisk.cab QT.cab Quicktime.cab Realplayer.cab Taskswitch.cab Theme.cab Tooltip.cab Winrar.cab Avast.cab Codec.cab CPL.cab Divx.cab Framework1.cab Framework2.cab Iso.cab Macromedia.cab Msn.cab Nero.cab Office.cab
  20. Hey i found a addon maker on MSFN it is for nlite intergration. http://www.msfn.org/board/Add-Maker-Nlite-124-U-t73008.html It pretty much has all the tut with images and u can basically make an addon of anything. i made all my runonce silent installers into addon and now i don't need runonce, if you want try it out u migt like it as i do
  21. Hi i was wondering if there is a way to make kmplayer the default player with registry and wht not i really like this player and i want it to take over media player after the first logon makeing kmplayer the default player to play both dvd/media/audio thanks alot
  22. the thing about nero lite is that it doesn't have nero vision
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