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  1. Well i dont use the Gui Version because it takes too long (long as in getting to the point of patching ), i just want it to be integrated while its an addon so i dont need to do much work when making my CD as it is, also because i like to have the latest version of the .res files, which can also be updated very easily to my likings. Yeah its not just the Setup.exe. that was just an Example. This One Below is another one set name=XPBalln set ext=wav set big=XPBALLN set com=WA_ if exist "i386\%name%.%ext%" Del "i386\%name%.%ext%" >nul echo replacing %name%.%ext% %cab% /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 "%xtra%\%name%.%ext%" "i386\%big%.%com%" >nul as you can see, the script just looks if the file is in "i386" folder to Delete. it wont stop it from adding the file to the i386 Source EDIT: Well basically i just thought that having to look through a few hundred lines is much easier to do than ~6000 lines I also looked through the XPtsp.ini In the GUI Version and wondered if these two lines where Errors. [Global.Patch] NTKRNLMP.EXE=NTKRNLMP.EX_ XPNETDG.EXE=XPNETDIAG.EXE Another thought: Does your Script Shows if there was an Error Patching the Files?. i actually got the idea From ENU_USER ResHacker plugin for the RVM Integrator. If you Already used my XPtspScript, it creates a Checksum.txt and a ResPatch.Log. Just wondering, because we never know if there's errors or not.
  2. i just thought this one would be better than the current one msgina.dll_LogoffDiaglog.zip
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