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  1. I like MS word due to it's greater functionality......
  2. not a problem because x86 and x64 file structure are nearly identical... Emmm...I thought you were using vmotion......in XP all ya got to do is press print screen, log back in paste it on paint it works but not for Vista..oh well... Either way, excellent TUT and nice custom login window....
  3. Wow that's amazing...looks awesome...it worked for me...Thanks for sharing!!! BTW, this works on x64 as well.... I've been meaning to ask, how were you able to take a screen shot of the login screen? Do you by any chance used VMwar/VBox to capture the screen?
  4. Thanks and I most certainly will. I'm always looking to share and learn new things.
  5. Hi all, this is Spawn...I'm deaf, don't sign, just read lips, as long as you don't spit in my face..lol, just a little humor...so, I like the setup of this site, and it looks like a great community where the great minds work together to help us all achieve our goals. Regards Spawn
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