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  1. XPtsp Black



    FileName: XPtsp.Black.v.1.0.9b1.batch.exe

    File Size: 41.3 MB (43,323,358 bytes)

    MD5: 1212916d03c25ea7e996427453a8a229


    FileName: XPtsp.Black.v.1.0.batch.exe

    File Size: 41.1 MB (43,123,697 bytes)

    MD5: 8eeb8c0abb158094d398f4b0d0d42573



    Change log:

    Off-Topic Comment(Click to Show)

    • 220+ folders and icons from "XPtsp green" made black. (still needs polishing) ,

      made 240+ black dialog backgrounds and had to cut out and re-mirror all objects.

      Last updated March 23 2009

      Black v1.0


      -new theme (xptsp)

      -new setup.exe

      -Batch file updates

      -added hex code to patch setupapi.dll, sfc_os.dll, uxtheme.exe

      -latest ehres.dll.res by Ricktendo64


























      -ehres.dll.res by Ricktendo64






  2. Hmm...

    i have a 5gb 4shared acount and i really like the download counter :rolleyes:

    40 sec wait and download speeds are round 350 kb/s, thats faster than eg. rapid share witch gives me about 200 kb/s and up to 60 sec wait...

    Maybe get something to drink and ur dl should be done in a minute or 2 ;)

    its not that bad imo..

  3. But I don't understand it what is Green pack?

    When u look at the first post u wil see the green version...

    At the moment there are 4 color scemes...

    1:XPtsp 1.4.2 (original pack aka "Green") <first post

    2:XPtsp Blue 0.9b7 <first post at the bottom

    3:XPtsp Purple 0.9b7 <first post at the bottom

    4:XPtsp Black 0.9b2 (new)

  4. there is blue ?

    Yes there is, links are on the bottom in the first post ... :)

    For those interested here's XPtsp Black v0.9 Beta 2: :unsure:

    XPtsp black v0.9.beta2

    MD5: 74B800C5954DEA077A5AE516E31BA015


    Download:XPtsp black v0.9.beta2


    220+folders.ico from green made black , all dialog back ground bmp's made black and had to cut out and re-mirror all objects. :sweatingbullets:

    Also all 3 packs are updated: "Green, Blue and Purple"


  5. @sT0n3r

    The blue folders are exactly the same as the green folders, only i made each green pixel blue :online2long: .

    'll try to update at least the main folder icons from start menu whit some of these. (but it is hard to match colors and i am not a real good artist, lol)

    Also i have been told the icons Amnesia posted here are for vista os 256x256 :huh: ... but i would like to use similar ones.

    i also have a little side project that i would like to finish (beta) befor xmas, but 'll see what i can do.

  6. XPtsp.v1.1 by: Bober (Silent update: bootscreen pro fix)


    Download: XPtsp.v1.1_batch.exe

    MD5: DD9982E18CDE03DDCF2D5315812BC6F6 (old-d351fa3b70873f5e134c24bfad2a1ed7)

    Size: 51,3 MB


    Download: XPtsp.v1.1_batch.addon.rar

    MD5: BB33E31F36CCCF0A9AC9AD3DD03C946B (old-aabd9e3e384aa24c12cfb326cd313e8f)

    Size: 51,9 MB

    Bootscreen "professional" should be working now, but maybe someone with eng xp pro can verify...

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