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    kukubau got a reaction from Nr717 in [Tool] DX's Universal UpdatePack/Addon Creator   
    Did you use the latest tool (dated August 15th) for that??? With the previous build before this it didn't work as I explained in my post. I'll build the addon with this latest tool and get back to you.
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    kukubau reacted to Kelsenellenelvian in KB2962409 and KB2955164 don't integrate properly   
    That really wasn't needless to say, it actually was quite needed to know.
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    kukubau got a reaction from sukh in Driver Installer   
    Unknown Error X: Status: Installing Driver: 

    I get this error for every driver I'm trying to integrate.
    Using the latest version
    Adding them by DISM command line works but not when using the app's Driver Installer option.
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