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  1. June-22-07 Sidebar v7.06.22

    - Added VAIO XP and Vista Fonts to the Sidebar Addon and made a AIO

    - Updated my VistaLHClocks Gadget mod

    Hi Rick,

    Same sort of question again... :rolleyes:

    Do I need to uninstall the Sidebar and install this new version? It doesn't look like there are any changes to the Sidebar itself. I (obviously) already have VAIO XP installed and the Segoe UI and Calibri fonts (installed with Office 2007) as well as the Simhei font (came with Windows XP). Also, with all due respect to you, I do not use the VistaLHClocks gadget...

    The main changes that I can see in this new version is the combination of the VAIO XP package, the Vista Fonts package and the Sidebar package into an All-In-One package.

    Therefore, is it necessary for me to uninstall what I currently have and install this new version?


  2. Updated Sidebar AddOn see Changelog for details

    Removed Slideshow fix (found out it was the old vshell32.dll form VAIO bild 1)

    Added CPL shortcut to sidebar properties (Thanks to SoKoOLz)


    Sorry to bother you with this question again, Rick, but...

    I currently have the Apr-8-2007 v2.4 version of the Sidebar installed. Should I uninstall it and install the May-25-2007 v7.05.25 version?... or is there a simple way to achieve the same results (eg. delete the vshell32.dll file and add the CPL shortcut/file?).

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Changelog:

    May-19-07 Sidebar v7.05.19

    - Added Slideshow Fix to Sidebar Directory (vshell32.dll)

    - Updated Live Clock and other gadgets (removed a couple)

    - Tweaked INF

    Apr-8-2007 Sidebar v2.4

    - Improved INF Uninstall script

    - Updated iClock and Live Clock

    - Added Negative CPU, BBC Radio and JoeJoe.org Gadgets

    - New Seperate ATL.DLL AddOn that makes Sidebar Compatible with both XP and 2k3

    - Added hacked wlsrvc.dll to fix problem with the Weather gadget not working for some

    I currently have the Apr-8-2007 v2.4 version of the Sidebar installed. Should I uninstall it and install the May-19-2007 v7.05.19 version?... or do I simply need to copy the vshell32.dll file to the Sidebar directory?

    Thanks! :thumbsup_anim:

  4. I installed it 2 weeks ago, and the iweather/weather gadget doesn't update! LOL

    according to Weather.....my city's been 8 celsius for 2 weeks straight now.

    I had the same problem with the default weather/iweather gadgets. There are other weather gadgets that I tried but they had their shortcomings as well, until I found...

    The Weather Network's WeatherEye Gadget for Microsoft Windows Vista Sidebar (http://www.theweathernetwork.com/inter/wea...istaweathereye/)

    The Weather Network is Canadian-based, which is perfect for people like you and me who live in Canada! I have found this gadget to be very accurate - it updates once or twice each hour, from what I can tell.

    Give it a try!

  5. Hey, i just installed all this and got the sidebar up and running. Quite a few of my gadgets dont seem to work.

    All the clocks dont work, i just get a black circular image with a hand pointing upwards.

    Other gadgets just display white 2 white blocks or nothing at all.

    Any help would be appreciated


    ricktendo64 already answered this back in Post #2:

    Q: The Gadgets don't work; the Clock Gadget is black, only shows the glass and the second hand

    - Go to Add Remove Programs and hit the Change button to re-register the files and Restart the Sidebar

    - OR try running this CMD file RegSidebar.rar ( 263bytes )

    I used the first method, and it worked perfectly. :thumb_yello:

  6. @ CBC888

    Both are the exact same installer (extract the exe and you will see its the same msi installer, just that i make it silent using 7zip)

    Thanks, that's good to know.

    There still seems to be much confusion about the Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package, however, since most websites still indicate that this needs to be installed - even with the latest version of VAIOXP (which includes "the merge modules for the Visual C++ redistributable modules").

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