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  1. I think I tracked down the reason for the missing "Media Center" shortcut. It appears to be WMP11. Here's what I did:

    MSDN XP SP3 Source (en_windows_xp_professional_with_service_pack_3_x86_cd_vl_x14-73974.iso)

    1) Use RVM_Integrator_1.5.3.exe to integrate:

    2) Use Boooggy's WMP11 slipstreamer with hotfixes

    3) Use nLite to integrate:

    4) Use Autoimage to integrate RougeSpear's .NET1.1 during svcpck

    Using the above, I don't get the "Media Center" shortcut and most of the "C:\Windows\ehome" directory is empty.

    Skipping #2 above makes everything work!

    I noticed some people reporting problems with the WMP11 slipstreamer earlier, and Rick mentioning he used Onepiece's WMP11.

    So I guess this is not compatible with Boooggy's slipstreamer for some reason? Has anyone had success using Boooggy's slipstream with this addon?

  2. Ahhh...that was the clarity I needed. Apparently something else I'm doing either prevented or deleted the Media Center shortcut, hence my confusion. I did a clean install with just Ryan's update pack, this addon, and .NET1.1, and the shortcut is now there. (I should I have tried this before asking...sorry.) Now I just need to figure out what I'm doing wrong otherwise. :P

    Thanks for taking the time to explain! :blush:

  3. Sorry, not sure I understand. I integrated this addon with nLite, and if I look at the system properties, it says it is Windows Media Center so I believe everything worked. I guess I was expecting the see the image in my prior post when everything started (either instead of the login screen, or instead of the desktop). I don't see that start page. Everything looks the same as it does when I don't use this addon. So I was wondering how to turn it on? (Or does my not seeing it imply something went wrong?)

    Many thanks!

  4. I thought I'd point out that if you want the InfoTip to work, you have to make sure you point to the unregmp2.exe in your install. I don't know why mine's in a different location than Rick's, but mine is in the 'inf' directory, so I had to use the following:

    InfoTip		 = "@%%SystemRoot%%\inf\unregmp2.exe,-160"
    DisplayResource = "%SystemRoot%\inf\unregmp2.exe",4

  5. I think I understand the features MCE gives you, but what's not clear to me is if MCE functionality only adds incremental features to XP Pro, or if MCE in any way limits or prevents functionality from XP Pro? I've read some comments about XP SP3 not being for MCE, which makes me wonder if MCE is limiting in some way. Can one of you experts comment? Are there things you can't do with MCE that you could do with XP Pro?

    And of course, many thanks to Rick for sharing this with us!

  6. Hey Rick, thanks for the help. Unfortunately this didn't work for me. I'm guessing that from my first post, the "WMPOCM = Off" in my WINNT.SIF is somehow blocking this from working. When I get a chance, I'll kick-off a new build without that setting to confirm it is the problem.

    If this is the case, is there a way to create the shortcut after the explorer shell/desktop is available?

    From what I see, the RunOnceEx commands run, then the desktop theme gets applied, then I get a message along the lines of "Personalizing Windows Media Player". I'm guessing that for this to work, I have to create the shortcut after that "Personalizing..." message, or I need to not use "WMPOCM" in my WINNT.SIF, and instead find some other way to delete/prevent the default shortcuts in the start menu and quicklaunch from being created.

    Ideas or recommendations?

    Many thanks!

  7. I'd prefer to have only one WMP11 anywhere in my installation, and I'd like it at: START MENU->MULTIMEDIA->Windows Media Player.lnk

    In my WINNT.SIF I have:

    WMPOCM = Off

    This successfully prevents all of the default shortcuts.

    I then created the following INF:

    Signature=$Windows NT$

    [Optional Components]

    ProfileItems =WMP.AddShortcut

    Tip ="WMPshortcut"
    Modes =0,1,2,3
    ProfileItems =WMP.AddShortcut

    Name = "Windows Media Player"
    CmdLine = 16422,"Windows Media Player",wmplayer.exe "/prefetch:1"
    SubDir = "Multimedia"
    WorkingDir = 16422,"Windows Media Player"
    InfoTip = "Play digital media including music, videos, CDs, and DVDs."

    If I right-click this and choose install, I get the shortcut I want.

    However, if I put this in an addon like this:

    description=WMP Shortcut
    title=WMP Shortcut



    WMPsc.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0

    I never get the shortcut.

    Any ideas? I must be missing something simple?

  8. Thanks for the handy tool. Some ideas/requests for a future version...match installed "Integration" settings. Specific requests are:

    1) Match installed file associations. (I have 7zip installed also, and prefer for it to be associated with .7z files...aka winrar NOT associated.) This tool automatically associates winrar with all supported file types.

    2) Match installed shell integration. (More specifically, I prefer "Cascaded context menus". Default is non-cascaded.)

    Thanks again.

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