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  1. If you dont want to use the INTL and want to add ONLY the PTB LP

    - Uncompress the dotNetFx45_Full_x86_x64_Slim.exe installer

    - Uncompress/add dotNetFx45LP_Full_x86_x64pt-BR_Slim.7z to the same place you extracted the slim installer

    - Recompress everything with 7zip

    - Download the Intl SFX maker (replace the config.txt with this one I edited specially for pt-BR)

    - Drag & drop your 7z file with the Slim and LP installers on drag&drop_7z_on_me.bat to recreate the executable


    Thanks for fast reply and for mantain the .Net Framework Slim up to date Rick but I ask about the addon described in the first topic of this thread. I want to add local language pack to dotNetFx45_Full_x**.Windows7.AddOn.WA addon (if possible / needed).


    As I can see this addon inject all files and reg entries of framework direct to offiline image like it has installed in online image using setupcomplete / normal install. I think this will reduce in few minutes the windows instalation right?


    Anyway thanks again for help.

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